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Seamless Pattern Photoshop Download [March-2022]

Understanding the basics of shooting and managing images

The first step to taking a good photograph is having a good camera and some understanding of how to operate it. If your camera isn’t one that you can easily figure out, take time to learn how to use it.

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Learn these 11 Photoshop Elements tips and tricks and you can edit, convert, retouch, and create your own images.

1. Create a new document

In Photoshop Elements, you can choose File > New to quickly create new documents.

From there, you can customize the name, dimensions and any other properties for the file.

Use the width and height sliders to set up an approximate size for the file.

NOTE: When you change the dimensions, you’ll lose all customizations made to the Document properties.

2. Pick a color

Each image contains a color called the background color. You can use this background color to apply a background or some other color to your image.

Choose File > Place Embedded and then find or create a color swatch.

3. Format text

Text is a critical part of any image so it’s important to edit it. Most likely, you’ll be using Photoshop Elements to create and edit images for email or social media.

Highlight the text you want to format and click the Rectangle tool.

In the options bar that appears, enter a height and width for your selection box.

Then, click with your cursor to select the area you want to edit.

Use the options bar to change the text style.

4. Add text

When adding text, it’s important to use a font that complements your image. The page you’re looking at might display icons or other text.

Highlight the text you want to use.

Using the Rectangle tool, draw a selection around the text.

NOTE: You can also use the Text tool to write new text. Use it with the cool tools options to add unique text effects.

5. Control photo sizing

The tool bar at the top of your Photoshop Elements window contains a lot of control options for your images.

Use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out of the photo. You can also rotate the image, switch to a view as if you were looking through a window, or crop the edges of the photo.

6. Crop your photos

Click the Crop tool from the tool bar to select a specific area of your image and create a copy of that area. Then drag the edges of your selection box to crop the rest of the picture.

7. Edit an image

Most Photoshop Elements customers need to edit images.

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How to change the font color of the whole text in a content editable div

I have a div that is in editable state. I want to change the font color of the whole content for somereason.


You can change the CSS for it in any way you like, perhaps this will work for you:

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Update: You may not want to set the font-color directly. Check out this question for an alternative.


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