TMT Bars

The term TMT stands for Thermo-Mechanical Treatment, a metallurgical process that combines mechanical deformation (like compression or forging, rolling etc.) with thermal processes (like heat-treatment, quenching, etc)

Benefits of TMT Bars are:

 - TMT bars have less residual stresses and more tensile strength compared to HYSD bars.

- Ductile TMT bars are effective in earthquake prone zone with the higher sudden load absorption capacity than HYSD bars.

- TMT bars have better corrosion resistant properties than HYSD bars due to rapid quenching and tempering in manufacturing process.

- TMT bars have stronger external layer when compared with HYSD due to ductile micro-structure at the core and hard crystalline exterior surface of TMT steel.

- TMT bars have the lowest occurrence of surface flaws compared to HYSD bars because it doesn’t involve twisting or torsional stress.

TMT Bars can be used in the following areas of construction: