Welcome to Rathi Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd


RATHI Group was established in the year 1997 and Rathi Exports is also a part of the group of companies. 

Rathi Steel Industries Private Limited was incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 & established on April 1997 with the sole aim to revolutionize the steel trading industry and since then we have been growing in leaps and bounds. We have spread our business in West Bengal and nearby to begin with and we foresee ourselves operating in each major city of India.

We source high quality steel sheet  from leading manufacturers and suppliers. We are customer focused, innovative value driven company, which distributes steel products. With innovation and continuous improvement at the heart of its business performance, we aim to create value by offering a differentiated product range supported by unrivalled customer service at the most competetive prices.

Why Us?

Prompt Delivery

Whatever the quantam of order, we aims to deliver within the stipulated time period. We are also highly flexible in supporting our customers in emergencies with non bureaucratic, efficient and friendly staff.

Competitive Prices

By Purchasing Huge Stock and Large Storage Capacity with great links in industry, We are playing a leadership role in our field not only in West Bengal but in many parts of the neighbouring states too. This resulted  in maintening the assured quality of our steel products at competitive prices.

Professional Services

Our each colleague has full passion to our customers as well as our company. We always believe that customer’s success is our success. We treasure every chance to cooperate and communicate with each of our customers. Our each & every colleague has  full passion in rendering all the services to our customers & they believes that " Customers success is ultimately the key to our success".

We strongly rule and educate to all our personnel to solve all the quaries of our customers within a day itself.

Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission

The phenomenal growth of RSI group is primarily due to its  customer centered focus in these high growth markets like India.

Over the last 2 decades we have made rapid progress due to the persistent perseverance in pursuit of excellence of all of its employees and intends to rapidly expand its presence nationwide to become leading national conglomerate of high standards of integrity, ethics & values.

The well integrated businesses with strong synergies with each other, has greatly helped the organization to achieve good economies of scale and deep penetration in national markets, and will continue to do so well into the next era too.


Our Vision

If the rapid expansion in national presence in the past is any indication of the resolve of the management, then such a national vision should be achievable ahead of time.

RSI group despite its humble origins, today commands the respect and admiration of its competitors and partners and has a network of associates all over the India who provide the necessary impetus for the group’s activities and initiatives.

We have a very broad vision for growth and has the intrinsic strength to attain the same, irrespective of external factors and this is the core strength of our organization which helped us to grow our  future plans with leaps & bounds to secure our business with much certainty.

Our Main Brands