Virtual CD V10.1.0.5 __HOT__ Full Retail 64 Bit


Virtual CD V10.1.0.5 Full Retail 64 Bit

virtual cd v10.1.0.5 is designed to provide a flexible solution for watching movies and listening to music. the virtual media player allows you to configure the following:

  • selecting the type of video-file play list
  • selecting the playback mode
  • selecting playback volume
  • shortcut menu
  • set the option to play or pause movie

virtual cd v10.1.0.5 is a fully fledged vcd-dvd player for windows. it provides a complete integration within the windows operating system with an intuitive user interface allowing you to enjoy full multimedia features on your computer, regardless of the multimedia hardware you have onboard.

to run virtual cd v10.1.0.5, you should first install the media player. this is not required on windows. for windows 8, media player may be installed from the microsoft store as well as from the separate third party application stores such as cnet store, soft4you, and 7-zip.

virtual cd v10.1.0.5 is a big update that contains our latest features and fixes all reported bugs with this version. this may sound confusing and you can read the details in the release notes for more information.

i have uploaded the full retail version of this version. this version contains a detailed description of the new features in the virtual cd installer, the vhd installation, raid and encryption.

also remember that if your product is a paid one it may not be able to be used in a trial period (trial versions are only valid until the end of 2010). you can’t use our trial version for a trial period and get a new licence for a valid price.

windows 7 is yet to be released so we have not yet updated the installation for that. you will have to use vista or windows xp with sp3 if you want to use this version.

the files are being packaged for you to download so you will be able to install it within a few minutes. also if you have a customer portal account you should be able to checkout the file(s) through your customer portal account.