Uniop Exor Designer 6 =LINK=

Uniop Exor Designer 6 =LINK=


Uniop Exor Designer 6

Uniop’s financial backing provides a solid and reputable product. Their commitment to their customers reinforces its ability to deliver cost effective and dependable products and to stand behind those products.

EXOR-HMI-designer-6’s main features are listed below:

  • Full EXOR-HMI-designer-6’s features:
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 is a tool for design and realization of fully integrated HMI solutions including Graphic Interface, calculation, execution and distribution of multiple programs in the HMI.
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 supports object and process programming:
  • Wirking on EXOR HMI Platform 6:
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 supports EXOR HMI Platform 6:
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 supports:
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 is an EXOR 1WAY solution for EXOR HMI Platform 6
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 is a EXOR digital schematic solution for EXOR HMI Platform 6
  • EXOR-HMI-designer-6 is a EXOR embedded solutions tool for EXOR HMI Platform 6

As a true partner solution wrapped in EXOR engineering and support services with the confidence of a 5 year Warranty. We also offer a UniOP(Designer for Windows) software conversion service! Click Here for more details.

ZEN Microsolutions offers UniOP design software, Prologics, Middleware, security, programming services and integrated solutions for HMI, Embedded Control and Automation and distributed systems.

Uniopexor, world class HMI automotive automation systems, unipro is a public limited company which develops, manufactures and sells industrial electrical/control products and solutions. We place a lot of emphasis on innovative technologies such as Green energy, Multi-touch, 3D graphics for the Automotive, Building and Industrial markets. We, also offers latest in class manufacturing methods to bring the best to our customers. We take pride in the quality of our products and offer them with no compromise on quality

Exor India has created a special unit for ultra-light cranes. These models are loaded with innovative features providing maximum performance and reliability. All the models are designed to offer exceptional features like compact design, excellent ergonomics, light weight, high performance, and easy handling.
Exor understands that the growth of automation technology and its success depends on the skills, experience and knowledge of our field engineers. Exor India is one of the world’s leading suppliers of process automation and industrial control systems and has over 35 years of experience. We understand the critical requirements of our customers and work towards fulfilling their needs. All our R&D projects cover several industrial applications. These include motion control, safety systems, process control, instrumentation, HMI, etc. It is in this context that we are setting up a new application oriented research and development center to cater for the needs of our growing customer base. For more information about our products and services, please visit our website at
Exor India is driven by our vision, to become a global leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, innovative products and solutions. Exor India is organized on a special purpose liability and is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. On 28th December 2000, Exor India & Co. (Private) Limited was established. At the date of issue of this prospectus, the company’s market capitalization is INR 1,163.86 crores. Exor India is managed by Zee Network.
Visit the Exor India’s website for more information on Exor India as a supplier, or consult with a J&N representative to clarify your questions about our products. You can also contact J&N directly at your country’s local telephone number.