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Regardless of the activity type and domain, companies usually handle large amounts of data, including employees, inventory and various other assets. This information, beside the fact that it needs to be quickly accessible at any time, also has to be stored in an organized fashion and allow you to sort and filter the content according to your specific needs.
Store information into a custom database
One of the ways you can achieve this is by using a database, which can be easily managed, sorted and filtered. SpeedBase Professional offers a completely personalized solution to this problem, by allowing you to create your own, personal database from scratch, containing every bit of information and activity related to your company and personnel.
Since it does not use an actual server to handle the data, the application is much easier to work with, since all you need to do in order to start is to create a new database and begin creating catalogs and activities to hold your records. You do, however, have the possibility to use one of the provided templates, as well as import them from external sources.
Create comprehensive filters and set up reminders
As previously mentioned, the ability to sort and filter the information is one of the most powerful features when it comes to databases, since you are able to quickly find the desired data. Thus, SpeedBase Professional allows you to create personalized filters, by manually choosing the conditions and the items affected by them.
As an additional function, the utility offers a reminder feature, which can be used to set up alerts and events at predetermined time intervals. Beside being able to enter the date and time for each instance, you can also make it a recurrent event, as well as customize the reminder message by adding your own text.
A simple and versatile database system
Despite the fact that it does not offer you an exhaustive amount of advanced features and settings, SpeedBase Professional remains a good solution for small businesses and companies, since it concentrates its efforts towards making the experience as friendly and intuitive as possible. It is, however, a decently powerful and versatile system, which can be effectively personalized according to your needs, without requiring too much experience when in comes to database management.







SpeedBase Professional 5.0.0 Crack + Product Key Full X64

SpeedBase is a small footprint, standalone MySQL database management software package that makes it easy to create your own custom databases, as well as to access and organize the data in them.

Pricing Schemes

Only people who are new to vtiger will be able to use this for free.

How vtiger pricing will work for the users after one year of plan?

1. When they use any free profile will they be charged for?
2. If yes, will they be charged for every free profile?
3. The customer should have to register to future products and see the plans that are available?


I guess it is possible to use Vtiger for free for your own organization but not for the clients. There is a plugin called LiteVtiger which makes vtiger core compatible and also provides a few services such as Vtiger CRM Multilanguage Engine, View vtiger forum and many more.
This plugin is free (limited) in the sense that when a user exceeds the 50% limit he will be asked to purchase a license key.
I just tried to download the vtiger core zip file by registering a free account and then logging into vtiger with LiteVtiger activated.
It works and they also updated the vtiger key to a working one.
So you can use it for free for your organization and for the clients you should have to register for a license.

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SpeedBase Professional 5.0.0 Crack

– Create your own personalized database
– Easy to use interface
– Multiple database templates
– Create or import from external sources
– Filter data to find exactly what you want
– Create and manage reminders and events
– Fully customizable database solutions

Why is this a Good Resource?
– Easy to create and use
– Versatile database solution#include “./common.h”


#include “gtest/gtest.h”

TEST(PairwiseEquals, CorrectlyHandlesFirstNumericComparisons) {
std::vector c(1, 3.14);
std::vector x(1, 42.0);
std::vector y(1, 42.0);

ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, 0.0 == c[0]);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, 3.14 == c[0]);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, 3.14 == c[0] + 3.14);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, 42.0 == c[0] + 42.0);

ASSERT_EQ(kEqTrue, c[0] == c[1]);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqTrue, c[0] == c[1] + 3.14);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqTrue, c[0] == c[1] + 3.14 + 3.14);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqTrue, c[0] == c[1] + 42.0);

ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, c[0]!= c[0]);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, c[0]!= c[1]);
ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, c[0]!= c[1] + 3.14);
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ASSERT_EQ(kEqFalse, c[0]!= c[1] + 42.0);


SpeedBase Professional 5.0.0 Free Download

SpeedBase Professional is the next step in the development of SpeedBase system. It presents small business owners, information specialists and individual users of such products as multi-dimensional databases, a good solution for storing and
managing information on a huge scale.
SpeedBase Professional Features:
Search is extremely easy. It is possible to search several fields at once, to combine Boolean operators and a lot of other items.
SpeedBase Professional Programming language:
Using SpeedBase Professional you can develop both native, Windows desktop applications and web-based applications.
SpeedBase Professional Ultimate version:
The Ultimate edition is the same as the Standard edition and includes Visual Studio, support for Windows RT, Windows Phone and Windows Store applications.
Key Features:
1. Provides a user interface to users in any language 2. Does not require configuring 3. Supports SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL 4. Dynamically parses SQL into SQLite 5. Supports clustering and various I/O and RPC optimizations 6. Supports distributed databases, including clustering and asynchronous messaging 7. Data access layer enables user access to raw database data 8. Supports customizable UI with different skins 9. Data access layer can run as a standalone service

This was pretty long but will end eventually. Either I will start uploading other reviews for this month or we will continue in March.

Long ago, I did a review for Management House (www.management-house.com). It was a great application but you can find the reviews here:
I have previously downloaded the trial version a while ago and I know this desktop application very well. So I can make a review of the software.
The free trial version of Management House 1.1.0 let you create 8 sheets, one for each possible type of information you can save and manage like servers, users, domains, payment plans, subscriptions, etc.
The free trial version is all you need to test the software. You can create and save data but cannot export data to any other format. You can start working on the free version but the cost is $39.95 for a 1 month, $79.95 for 3 months and $139.95 for 6 months. I am using the six months for this review. I have no intention to buy the full version.
SpeedBase Professional Version 1.3 lets you create many different types of databases. It

What’s New In SpeedBase Professional?

SpeedBase is an impressive system capable of storing and organizing very different types of information, including but not limited to time, date and IP address. SpeedBase Professional, an improved release of this utility, features several improvements and new tools, all which allow you to work with the database easily and in the most efficient way possible.
The program’s simplicity makes it a good solution for anyone, no matter the level of experience, since it is extremely easy to learn and use. SpeedBase is an excellent all-in-one solution for any type of database, whether it’s for keeping track of employees, time, stocks, contacts or even the electricity bill.
100% FREE! Available for PC, MAC, and Linux. Full screen mode. 1-click install. 1024×768 screen. Support most major browsers.
Large layout options (default: 1024×768, 1024×720, etc). Color options (default: black/white). Screen mode (default: 24″). View windows from the top.
Supports left-to-right and right-to-left windows.
Filter any column. Filter by text, time, IP or numeric values.
Sort any column. Sort using strings, dates, time, numeric values or IP addresses.
Simple, one-click installation. 1-click start. No installation wizards, no error messages, no hassle, no downloads.
Windows shortcut. Add a shortcut to the desktop.
Supports drag-and-drop. Drag and drop items from browser and send them to SpeedBase.
Auto-open items. Open stuff without using mouse.
One-click auto-close. Close stuff without opening any window.
Drag-and-drop files. Drag and drop files to SpeedBase.
Include/exclude file types. Exclude file types from SpeedBase.
Add a shortcut to the desktop. Create your own shortcut to SpeedBase.
Drag-and-drop executables. Drag and drop executables to SpeedBase.
Drag-and-drop folders. Drag and drop folders to SpeedBase.
Drag-and-drop folders and executables. Drag and drop folders and executables to SpeedBase.
Drag-and-drop OLE files. Drag and drop OLE files to SpeedBase.
Supports Drag-and-Drop. Drag-and-drop from any application to SpeedBase.
Assign Shortcut keys. Change shortcut keys for any window.
Chose icons. Choose icons


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.60GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 7970 (1GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0c or higher
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
Additional Notes: Can be installed on any compatible Windows 10 computer.
Processor: Intel Core