Phpgrid Full !!HOT!! Version

Phpgrid Full !!HOT!! Version


Phpgrid Full Version

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BroadCastReceiver not firing in IntentService

I have a feature built on the Back4app platform in which I’m trying to call an intent from the user’s lock screen to find out if the user is idling on the app. I know that the user is on the app because there is a “home screen” app in their app list. To determine if the user is idling I simply change the BroadcastReceiver’s onReceive() method from empty to have a simple doInBackground() to call the web API to determine if the user is online or idling.
I have verified that the BroadcastReceiver is working just fine by verifying that if I set the IntentFilter to only fire in the main activity I see the toast correctly. However, when I move the BroadcastReceiver into a Service this method doesn’t fire in the background. The documentation indicates that the IntentService is meant to be able to run in the background.
Why is the BroadcastReceiver not firing in the Service?
public class UserActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

TextView idleTimer;
String idleState, mobileState, id;

IntentFilter filter;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

idleTimer = (TextView) findViewById(;

idleTimer.setText(idleState + ” “);

idleState = (String) getIntent().getExtras().get(“idleState”);

String user = getIntent().getExtras().getString(“user”);

if(user == null) {
} else {