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Wondershare PPT to AVI enables you to convert PowerPoint slides into AVI video, which can be played on almost all Windows-compatible PC systems without PowerPoint installed. It enables you to edit any slide in PowerPoint slide, such as creating texts, pictures, tables, charts, moving or cropping images and videos, adjusting the slide layout, etc. In addition, this powerful PowerPoint converter is capable of retaining your original PowerPoint animations, transition and sound effects.
Wondershare PPT to AVI provides you with 3 special modes to automatically convert your PowerPoint presentations into AVI video:
1. Auto: convert PowerPoint presentations according to your settings. This is the most convenient mode. You just need to select what you want to retain from PowerPoint files before conversion.
2. Batch: choose what you want to retain from PowerPoint presentations and click “Start” button to convert all of them together.
3. Segment: one PowerPoint file will be converted after another, and you can see the progress in the bottom.
With Wondershare PPT to AVI you can:
1. Customize the output video resolution: 640*360, 640*480, 800*600, etc.
2. Enable the “retain slideshow background and audio” and “retain animation, transition and sound effects” for your PowerPoint presentations.
3. Set custom background and custom fonts for the output video, which are compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems.
4. Re-arrange the output files with various audio/video formats in a desired order.
5. Retain PowerPoint animations, transitions and sound effects to edit PowerPoint slides as if you are editing PowerPoint files within PowerPoint.
6. Save the PowerPoint animation, transition, sound effects and background as PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG or WMV files.
7. Export video as WMV, MPEG-1/2/4, MOV, AVI, MPG, VOB, etc.
In addition, Wondershare PPT to AVI can convert PowerPoint 2007 presentations to AVI video, for which you need to have Office 2007 installed on your computer.
NOTE: Wondershare PPT to AVI is fully compatible with Wondershare PPT to PDF, Wondershare PPT to Flash, Wondershare PPT to MP3 and Wondershare PPT to Image.
Wondershare PPT to AVI brings you additional features for your PowerPoint presentations:
1. Convert PowerPoint presentations to A eea19f52d2

The player supports a lot of different formats, which is why we could include so many different players in this guide. Of course, if you have already used Quick Player and are happy with its performance, then you may not need to try anything else. If you do need something else, however, take a look at our other top 10 apps.
The player is really easy to navigate. For one thing, you can use the scrolling keys on your keyboard to move around, and the track and track time is visible in the upper-right corner. It is possible to pause, play and stop the files with a couple of buttons, and there are also a few buttons that bring up a menu.
This is where you can switch from the video, audio, CD or playlist player. You can also add a note to the playlist and sort the tracks.
Lastly, you can also search for new music and videos by simply entering the name. The best way to search for new files is to select the player and enter the desired term. Then, use the search button to start looking for other tracks with the same name. If you don’t see any other results, try adding the wildcard at the end of the file name, as in “*”.
Download the iTunes APP for iOS:
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Apple TV:

Download Quick Player for Windows:
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How to play your files with the Microsoft media player:

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