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Allocating memory for allocating memory?

Is there a name for a situation where a variable is used to allocate memory for itself?
For example:
char* a = malloc(sizeof(char*));

char* b = malloc(sizeof(char*));

*a = *b;

Can the above code be optimised to the following?
char a[1];
char b[1];
*a = *b;


In your scenario the obvious name would be undefined behavior.
For your example the variable b is no longer a pointer.
(*a) = b;

and this will only work for arrays of size 1.


It’s not a very good example.
A more real-world example would be:
typedef struct element* Element;

int i;
Element *a = malloc(sizeof(Element));
Element *b = malloc(sizeof(Element));

*a = *b;
a->data = b->data;

If you read this as, “I’ve got two struct elements, so I allocate memory for struct elements”, then you can’t do what you want.
It is perfectly fine to write:
Element *a = malloc(sizeof(Element[2]));

Element a[2];

If you read it as, “Here’s a bunch of struct elements”, then you can use it, no problem.


The reason this code is legal is that C implicitly promotes malloc-ed variables to pointers. So in your example:

a is promoted to a pointer to a char, so it has type char (*)[1];
b is promoted to a pointer to a char, so it has type char *;
the second declaration dereferences the pointer and casts it to char, and then assigns the value.

Thus your first example can be optimized by

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