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TAdvSmoothCalendar is a high quality calendar with lots of extra features. It includes modern UI designs, customizable opacity and fill colors, shadows, anti-aliasing and gradient fills. More over, it will allow you to add notes on the events and easily highlight them. Also, it is possible to set an optional Today or goto today footer, which will indicate the current or target date.

TAdvCalendar 1.1
TAdvCalendar is a third party component that can be used to create a beautifully designed calendar with as many features as possible. The component includes many themes to help you select the perfect one, and the themes are not the only additional feature, as the calendar also includes an option to dynamically change the layout to a monthly or yearly view.
In addition, the component includes the ability to zoom in or out of the calendar and many other features, and is extremely customizable, as there are many ways to change the color, image, opacity, shape and fill of the text and the calendar itself.
TAdvCalendar Description:
TAdvCalendar is a calendar that features a simple UI design, a great feature set and many options to further customize. It is fully customizable via opacity, color and shape, and you can use the very own built in skins or you can design your own or download one from the marketplace.

UiCalendar 1.4
UiCalendar is a fully-featured calendar component that can be used for the development of Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Xbox applications. It has a user-friendly interface, a powerful feature set and a lot of customization options.
The component includes many skins to choose from, with many features and effects available. As for the customization options, you can use opacity, color, gradient fills, shadow, and various other options. Also, the calendar includes a basic calendar view or a list view, an optional Today indication, the ability to show a date or a specific day, and an optional footer, which will display a goto today link, select link or a hover note.
UiCalendar Description:
UiCalendar is a calendar component that comes with a modern UI design and includes a lot of customization options. It has many themes to choose from and there are many built in skins to use and many features that can be customized via the many options available. You can use the built in skins or you can design your own or download one from the marketplace. eea19f52d2


SANE brings scanning functionality into Windows, and applications like Adobe Acrobat are able to read them without a user needing to install drivers. However, SANE usually requires that a Linux or Unix-like host is present on the network to act as a backend. If you want to use a scanner that’s not on that host, you’re out of luck. SANEWin is a solution that will provide access to such devices.
You’ll need to install the library called libcurl. See this link for instructions on installing it:
Other requirements:
For Windows:
– You need.NET Framework 2.0 SP2 or higher
For Linux:
– You need the tarball for libcurl 4.3.0
The script will be installed as sanewin.exe for Windows and sanewin-bin for Linux.
Running sanewin.exe will open a window with a list of hostnames on your network, and you will be able to select a host to use to scan a device on it.
You can use the -help or –help options to get information about options. For example:
The -list option will list a list of hosts available on the network. The -test option can be used to test a specific hostname and see if the device is available.
Note that you can use sanewin.exe as a TWAIN host, and connect to other hosts using normal means.
For example:
C:\>sane-win -list