Gsrld.dll Dynamic Library On L.a. Noire REPACK

Gsrld.dll Dynamic Library On L.a. Noire REPACK

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Gsrld.dll Dynamic Library On L.a. Noire

hi there, have you ever encountered a problem with “load gsrld.dll”?
after downloading it, you were sure that you installed it correctly, but when you run the game, it crashes with a message “the dynamic library gsrld.dll failed to load..”. try to find a solution on how to get rid of this error. we’re prepared to assist you.

if you’ve dealt with this error, here are some of the possible solutions that you should try.

error 0x1: “could not load file or assembly “file:///d:/downloads/gsrld.dll” or one of its dependencies. the system cannot find the file specified.”

the main interface of la noire has a total of 12 camera angles; on the left side you can see all the partners working on a case. at the right side of the screen, you see all the 11 clues in the case. each partner has a unique skillset. for example, if your partner is a fingerprint expert, he will be able to take fingerprints from any surface. another partner may be able to take photos of suspects or any other evidence. the partner who is handling the case can also talk to any witnesses, which will keep the case moving forward.

the controls for la noire are easy, but it can become more complicated when you are trying to perform certain actions without the help of your partner. the easier you can control the game, the easier you will be able to solve the cases.

once you have found the missing or corrupted gsrld.dll file, you can use the system file checker, which is a built-in tool that should be able to repair the dll. don’t get frustrated with missing or corrupted gsrld.dll file as it is easily repaired by our built-in utility.


It’s not as simple as I described in my original answer, but here’s a solution that should work at least for Windows users:
1) Download the.dll
2) Save it to your Computer
3) Go into the folder where you have your Program.exe
4) Right click the.dll file and select “Compile With”
5) Select “C/C++ Compiler” and “Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition”
6) Click “OK”
7) Right click on the.dll file in the bin folder of your Program.exe
8) Select “Open With…”
9) Click on “Browse” and go to the folder where you saved your.dll
10) Press “Ok”
11) Press “Build”
12) Wait until the Compile process is done
13) Press “Finish”
14) In the “Program.exe” folder, rename the.dll extension to.old

This fixes the “Fatal Error” in Max Payne 3 and fixes the “L.A. Noire loading screen” in my Windows 7 build.
If this does not work for you, try one of the other solutions below:

Go into your Program.exe folder and open the “Parameters” folder by right clicking and selecting “Open With”
Open the “Parameters” folder and in the “Current Version” tab, double click on the file, rename the.dll extension to.old

Note: The second solution may not work on all games.


As an alternative to the steps mentioned in above post.
Simply copy the dll of the game into your Program.exe Folder.
You can go into that folder and then add the file like any other file.

You dont have to clean your Program.exe folder after the dll is added.

If done correctly, Run the program without any Debug Errors.

The Load Screen wont show up anymore.

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