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Roblox is the world’s largest free game platform with more than 15 million people playing in more than 50,000 games that are created by users every day. We have fun activities for kids as well as teens, inventive games for all ages, and the world’s most dynamic social features.

There are no accounts, no trolls, no pop ups, no ads, no populating the world with inane objects, and no farming in games. Instead, we focus on creating the best games and experiences in the world for you to play.

If you like sandbox games, you will love playing Roblox. Our games can be created using a variety of game tools, and we provide a public API that makes it easier than ever before to create your own games on the platform.

Create your own games with a few simple clicks

Roblox is a game design platform that makes it easy for developers to create games and experiences for the entire family. Through Roblox Studio, you can make your own game and share it with friends. Just create a new game using our drag-and-drop interface, select from thousands of widgets and components, and then set up the game to work in your browser. No programming required. Roblox Studio saves you time and increases your chances of success. Plus, you can extend your game beyond browser and desktop. Roblox Studio is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play or as a cross-platform game creation platform integrated into web browsers.

Roblox 4.0 User Interface

Roblox 4.0 is a major update to the game platform. The interface is redesigned to be more accessible, touch friendly, simple to use and look. In addition, changes have been made to the experience and functionality of the platform.

How did this change come about?

We’ve redesigned the Roblox experience using a highly accessible content-based user interface (UI) to make it more accessible to a wide range of users. We’ve also seen increasing demand for a more intuitive and mobile-friendly experience.

We also believe in the power of people, and we have committed to making the user experience more friendly, intuitive and accessible by removing some friction that has long existed in the platform. We’ve also added more intuitive controls and features to improve the user experience. To make this vision a reality, we have partnered with user experience experts and usability experts to help translate our


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Roll the top ball, it will start to roll downwards.
At the bottom, hit the switch, then reload the top ball.
The switch will flip out of the way.
Roll the top ball into the top of the bottom one, and it will kill it.
There will be a zombie falling and you can hit the ball to kill him.
Turn the switch to switch both balls up to the top.
Now the balls aren’t completely aligned with the top switch.
Roll the ball into the top switch, it will destroy it.
Now roll the ball into the top ball.
You can still fall down, now with a counter attack, go to the red dot, click it, and you can now kill a zombie by hitting the back button in an instance.

If you’re playing on Roblox and you see a cool glitchy animation, you might be able to execute the next.

Break the ball down and press Z (the menu bar is in the left-hand corner).
Tap a ball and press Z (or click it if you want to do this on the ball that’s still on the floor).
Now you’ll have to reload the next animation from scratch.

Use an exploit to advance.

Hold down O, P or D, depending on your platform.
Now tap and hold, without releasing either button.
You should release it, or it will continue to cycle through and may kill the ball.
Repeat this until it gets stuck on the screen.
After that, press X (this is the main menu for Roblox).

If you see an awesome glitchy animation, you may be able to execute the next one.

Try to see where the particles spawn.
First turn off the particles and the code.
Now you’ll have to make sure your platform is at its highest resolution, turn on the effects, and make sure the code is on.
Now you’ll want to turn the code back off.
Get in the right place, and you’ll see the particles.
It’s like the red dot glitch, but this can go even further.

Use custom Minecraft settings.

If you’re playing in custom Minecraft settings, you can ignore what’s in that list


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