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Manage your files however you like
If you manage your files using file managers, it might be a simple task to create archives of your documents, but this might not be the case when you consider that all those files can be encrypted into random and common names. Also, if you know the password to access the files, you are likely to know the exact location where they are located.
In addition, if you think that you are protecting your data against miscreants, think again, since your files could be stolen without you or your computer entering into any kind of password.
We will help you:
• Mask your data to be able to read it only with a password.
• Protect your data with a random and common name.
• Convert your documents into random or common names.
• Split your file or folder into multiple parts.
• Extract a file or folder from an image.
• Password protect your files or folders.
• Use secure password.
• Hide data inside your document.
• Convert your text into a image or other file format.
• Exclude data from JPG, TIF and others formats.
• Merge multiple files into one.

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FileFriend Free Download is an easy to understand application that was developed to provide you with the ability of managing your files however you may want, by letting you cut them into multiple parts or password protect certain documents, even folders, to prevent other people’s access to them.
Straightforward and intuitive usage
The utility features a rather basic appearance, resorting to tabs to separate its main sections, namely ‘Split or Join’, ‘Convert’ and ‘JPEG Secrets’.
FileFriend is quite simple to handle, which means that lack of experience will not prove an impediment in benefiting from its functions.
Cut and join files, protect them with a password or hide data inside them
Using the ‘Split or Join’ section of FileFriend, you have the possibility of cutting a document into two, four or eight parts. In addition, you can input the preferred amount of subfiles in the assigned box. FileFriend even helps you separate the file into segments of a certain size.
On the other hand, FileFriend can also assist you in merging back together a series of parts into a whole file. The documents can be saved to any preferred location and under any name you like, yet make sure not to overwrite originals.
The ‘Convert’ tab enables you to load a file or even an entire folder, then encrypt it using a default public key, a user-defined password or a locally stored item, which can function as a key. Similarly, the ‘JPEG Secrets’ section allows you to insert a folder or a document into an image, protecting them with an access code. The opposite operation lets you to extract the hidden contents of JPEGs.
A handy file manipulating instrument
To conclude, FileFriend is a useful and efficient piece of software that aims to assist you in performing a wide range operations on your files, meant to protect them, hide data inside them or split them into multiple fragments.Pyridoxamine phosphonyl transferase

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New JPA 2.0 APIs

Until JDBC 3.1, the JPA-specific APIs were not quite familiar to Java developers, therefore, even the access to database resources using these APIs was somewhat inconvenient and inconvenient. Now, however, we have all the required API tools for working with databases as part of JDBC version 3.1 and the future version of JDBC.

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This time we will take a close look at the JPA 2.0 APIs that have recently been introduced in the current version of the JDBC. This is possible thanks to the enhanced support for JavaDB. Let’s take a brief look at the major new features of the JDBC.

First of all, JDBC 3.1 supports all JPA APIs including the following:









These new methods greatly simplifies the process of extracting data about the database server used, as well as its current version and level of compatibility. All this information is usually available in the database itself, which, along with the API, does not require additional messages of interest.


Now we’ll move to the second major addition in JDBC 3.

What’s New In?

Cut, Join and Split files!
Protect files with a password or data extractor
JPEG Secrets to hide photos!
Photo to e-book converter
Create your very own EPUB books!
Create ePub files that can be read on the iPhone, iPad and Android!
Create EPUB and PDF files that can be saved on the SD Card!
EPUB file creator
Convert 4×3 photo, 8×8 picture, or PDF to PNG!
Create a multi-page PDF file from a single text file!
Extract JPEG data from JPG/JPE files
Open and rotate picture files!
Extract JPEG data from JPG/JPE files
Create image from Microsoft Word document!
Load a Word document into a folder/file and add images!
Remove parts from a multi-part file and convert it to a normal file!
Run any files as a portable executable!
Save files to a folder in the SD Card!
Saving in the SD Card!
Very easy to use!
Fully customizable!
Shift+Ctrl+Z to UNDO!
Fully compatible!
Support multiple files!
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Desktop Utilities
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Split / Merge your files into many parts!
A very neat file splitting and assembling application. This feature lets you cut different parts of your file in different files that you can save to a specific directory.
Create password protected files!
Create an encrypted folder in your local disk and password protect it using the supplied utility. Then, cut your files into parts and securely save them into the protected folder.
Extract JPEG data from JPG/JPE files!
Have you ever wished to know what’s the hidden secret of your favorite photo? Now you can extract this secret using FileFriend. Just open the JPEG and select the option to extract JPEG data. This is one of the most common types of file that contains not only pictures, but also other additional secret information, such as text, audio files, contact information and many others!
Create an EPUB book from PDF documents!
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System Requirements For FileFriend:

Windows (Win32)
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 2600XT, Nvidia 7800GTX
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: Not required
Network: Broadband internet connection
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 (32