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FIFA 19 introduced “Match Reality,” which captured real-life gameplay data from a multitude of non-player motion capture suits to build on the intelligence and depth of player attributes.

As part of our quest to take visual fidelity to the next level, we have delivered on the promise of putting next-generation graphics inside the game engine. With FIFA 20, we introduced “Steamworks Compute” to deliver physics, surfaces, lighting, and weather effects and improvements to the camera system. In FIFA 21, we added “DirectX Raytracing” to deliver improved lighting. And now in FIFA 22, we’re making good on our promise for next-generation graphics by introducing the world’s most powerful game engine to the professional and casual FIFA audience.

Introducing “DirectX Raytracing”

With this new lighting engine, we were able to reuse those Direct3D 12 raycasts and what we call “Decal Reflection” to drastically improve the lighting system. In order to do this, we needed to render all of the normal maps out in the game engine and replace them with shaders. This has been a challenge in past versions of the engine and it’s a step forward from the way things had been previously handled.

We’re also using raytracing to improve our shadows. Using raytracing for shadows means that we can reuse Direct3D 12’s hardware-accelerated shadow volumes, instead of having to render them into shadow maps, which are then used to the simulate the shadows. In previous versions of the engine, we just rendered the light cones; now, we also render the silhouette, which is only visible in the shadow mask, and can be used to reflect light.

We’ve been using DirectX Raytracing to improve the lighting since FIFA 19, and it has allowed us to create some new features. In FIFA 20, we introduced “Premier Render,” our new real-time rendering method, which enabled us to handle a higher volume of raycasts per second with the same number of hardware units. This was the key to creating the new lighting features in FIFA 21. In FIFA 22, we’ve improved this technology and are now able to render more raycasts in more conditions with fewer hardware units, which will mean better performance and lower memory use.

Nvidia RTX

Our new raytracing


Features Key:

  • Live the greatest footy moments. HyperMotion Technology, first introduced in FIFA 17, captures and visualises subtle movements of real footballers to provide a new level of gameplay realism for FUT. Combined with four new authentic player animations, players are able to experience that authentic goal-scoring sensation, those pacy runs and agile dribbles.
  • Create, train and manage your own football team. Master the principles of management in FUT. Train and manage an ever-growing squad of players, striving towards victory in a series of events. Make your team better, faster, and stronger, upgrading player traits in pursuit of that elusive title.
  • Invest in, monitor, and coach your stars. Upgrade player attributes to compete for and achieve legendary status through the creation of unforgettable champions with unique traits
  • Play in all-new leagues, including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the best football video game on the planet and now even better. FIFA™ gives you the power to play, create and share content like never before, while delivering authentic and exciting gameplay experiences on console, PC, mobile and tablet.

FIFA on Xbox One

With FIFA on Xbox One, it is easy to play all the classic modes and create new ways to play and enjoy FIFA on Xbox One. Play the way you want to play, in the way that’s most comfortable for you. Whether your style is open-play, exhibition, knockout tournament or training, FIFA Ultimate Team™ and online matchmaking ensures that the game can adapt to you and your gameplay preference.

What is Football?

Football is the world’s most popular sport. It is played around the world by fans on all five continents and is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, nationalities and races. Whether you are watching a match live or using FIFA to play online, football is a game played with grace, power and skill. FIFA is the most complete football game in the world and now even better!

A Revolution in Play

Gameplay advances, bold new directions and innovation across every element of the game give FIFA players more control, more freedom and more gameplay potential than ever before. Define your own style of play on your own terms by creating a more intuitive and playable game.

New ways to play

FIFA for Xbox One is the first football video game that welcomes both parents and children to play in the same game. Get your kids involved with the FIFA Ultimate Team™ experience or relive the glory days of youth football by taking on the likes of Mario Kempes, Glenn Hoddle and Paolo Maldini in the new FIFA Training Mode. With a unified account system all kids under 13 and their parents can join the fun together – even when the parents aren’t playing.

A new game, a new you

Real athletes on your foot, new off-the-ball controls, new ball choices and a brand new graphics engine breathe new life into the game that takes everything you know and love about FIFA Ultimate Team and brings the game to life in virtual reality. The choice is yours to become a better player by making individualized adjustments to the game experience.

Powered by Football

FIFA has been the pinnacle of the football video game genre and remains the top destination for those looking to play, create and share FIFA content


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Celebrate FIFA’s 25th anniversary with brand new ways to experience Ultimate Team. New leagues and tournaments that give you new ways to get cards from your favorite clubs, legendary players and more. Live streams of your favourite players and teams plus the ability to play in real time with your friends. FIFA Ultimate Team is the centrepiece of the game, and this year its content is bigger than ever. FIFA Ultimate Team is entirely free to play, and comes packaged with FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons.

FIFA Tournament – Play in official FIFA leagues. Challenge friends, the world and your rivals to master tournaments including the prestigious Club World Cup, the Women’s World Cup, and the Australian Asian Cup.V. Sergii Mavrinichenko

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What’s new in Fifa 22: