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Fast Software Audit enables administrators to quickly audit computers. It runs a very thorough scan and provides details of installed applications as well as the product key. It is compatible with.NET Framework 4.0. Fast Software Audit supports the following features:
-Audit PCs based on a list of target computers.
-Perform batch audits.
-Verify if a target is online or offline.
-List installed software applications.
-Create a report as CSV text file that lists each target computer.
Fast Software Audit Requirements:
-Windows 7 or later is required.
-You need admin rights for the application.
How to Install Fast Software Audit?
Fast Software Audit has a simple installation process, although it still might take a few minutes to work with. The installation of the application doesn’t take up much space, and it’s easy to see the file path for editing.
The standard installation process includes features like defining a password, output file name, and choosing a schedule. The installation file can also be easily installed from a USB flash drive, because it doesn’t require.NET Framework. The download links below include the standard file.
How to Use Fast Software Audit?
Fast Software Audit works well with a computer, but the user interface couldn’t possibly be better. The main page provides all vital information that you’ll need to perform an audit.
The audit is designed for LAN use, so there’s no way for users to specify an IP address manually. Fast Software Audit can easily detect the computer, but it does find it difficult to differentiate between the host PCs and the actual computer. It requires admin rights, which isn’t always necessary for most users.
The Audit tab of the main page provides information about your target PC, like name, installed applications, language, version, product key, and status. The screen for choosing your own PC is where you can view a list of currently installed applications, and the change pane will help you sort through all of the applications, based on features such as installed date, name, version, and the like.
Users can choose to audit just online or offline PCs, but you should keep in mind that most of the business PCs are automatically filtered based on ping status. The latter may change in the future. Fast Software Audit offers a limited way of importing a list of target computers for convenience. An option to export results as a CSV file makes the process easier for later usage.
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