EXCLUSIVE Download Movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi 🥁

EXCLUSIVE Download Movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi 🥁



Download Movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

that they are doing the same shammi who has brought “katti batti” and “main hoon shahid afridi” to the limelight. the “ranaut,” has made her debut in the industry playing the role of a girl friend and as expected, she is doing a very convincing job. but if she has to go the way of “katti batti,” she needs to have an “aishwarya rai feel.”

vinay gets a lot of support in her debut as the mother of the girl friend and from her character, we see how she has actually changed and matured. she has the perfect touch when it comes to show her motherly side, but when she becomes a teenager, the character takes her to a higher level. the movie has to be seen to believe it.

music and dancing are always the best medicine in a film and the “main hoon shahid afridi” team has got both of it in the right proportion. i am pretty sure that every song in the movie is not just good but fantastic. the music is composed by nauman mushtaq and it is the perfect combination of modern and traditional. for the dancing part, the choreography is done by two pakistani dancers saima noor and mehek kadam who have worked with some of the top indian choreographers.

special mention to the costume designing department. they have come up with a collection that is absolutely mind-blowing and i hope it is not only restricted to the movie. mr. saeed must have ordered the costumes from the same sources that he has got his shoes from. they are awesome.

i don’t know whether it is the way the clothes are designed or the way they are stitched, but the costumes are the only part of the movie which looks “pakistani.” for example, the first song is shot in a very loose manner and the second song “love, love” is shot in a very trendy yet classic manner.

for those of you who are looking for a movie to accompany your eid or if you want to just relax, “main hoon shahid afridi” is for you. there is something for everyone in this movie and from the storyline to the performances and the dancing, the movie has it all.
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on a bleak, wet, windy day in karachi a few weeks ago, nothing could have prepared me for the delicious surprise awaiting me when i stumbled into a cinema house and watched the first trailer for main hoon shahid afridi (mhsa). for a few seconds i was just lost in a sea of pakistani faces. the film was playing in urdu, and everyone seemed to be of the same age; their eyes were all locked on the tv screen, and the smiles on their faces held the same certainty of the unseen – that this will be a great film.
so many of the films i’ve seen in recent years have had me searching out the novel name of the film in the credits of the film, hoping that it will be the title of the film. with mhsa, the novel name is plastered all over the trailer; the lead actors are shown quite clearly, their moody eyes and dramatic faces staring into the camera. so when i walked out of the cinema, rather pleasantly overwhelmed, i had to ask myself what the novel name of the film was. the answer came up on the screen as i walked towards the parking lot: main hoon shahid afridi.


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