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Merge three NSMutableArrays at the same index

I have three NSMutableArrays with some data.
For example, the first array:
firstArray = [@[@1, @2, @3]
secondArray = [@[@4, @5, @6]
thirdArray = [@[@7, @8, @9]

At index 0 I need the sum of the first and the second arrays.
For example:
sum = @[@10, @11, @12]

Is it possible?


Create a class with three NSArrays, each NSArray as a property.
Create a NSMutableArray with the properties of this class.
Now you can use the methods for the NSArray class to merge the NSArrays of the properties.
When you use the properties of the class you can do something like:
[self.firstArray addObjectsFromArray:self.secondArray];

The 2018 off-season can’t come soon enough for the Toronto Blue Jays. The organization’s brain trust evidently agrees, with one top executive revealing that the team hasn’t been in communication with a player agent since October.

“This off-season, none. This is the first we haven’t talked to them,” Blue Jays senior vice-president of baseball operations Aaron Poquette told James Wagner and Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet in a lengthy chat at the GM meetings in Orlando on Thursday.

“We have talked to (agent) Paul Beeston. He


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