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My Domain Checker is a handy and reliable application designed to provide with the necessary tools for verifying the availability of domains and check information for each URL address.
The application enables you to check the domain expiration date and the current status with ease. Using My Domain Checker, you do not need to check if the domain is available on registration sites such as or







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My Domain Checker Torrent Download can check if an address has been registered on one of the most popular domain registrar companies such cc. cn. co. net and many more

Our My Domain Checker application enables you to find out all the options for domain registration, update or renew domain names with a click on the “Check” button. Thus, if you have the address for the domain name that you wish to check, simply fill in the domain name and get instant results.
Our My Domain Checker is a real domain name verification tool, which is designed to deliver you real results, regardless if the domain has been registered on a registrar company, or at another.
And because we do not filter or filter results, you do not need to have a registry or to register an account on a registrar company to have access to the paid service and to receive a real result on your addresses, if the domain is available.
Further to being able to verify the domains which are already registered, it also provides you with the ability to check domain registration status, expiration dates, and renewing options from reliable and reliable domain name registrar companies. Thus, My Domain Checker saves you time and money by avoiding the need to register on more than one registrar company.
Key features:

Real-time and Instant domain name check results

Domain names search using the My Domain Checker free software

Domain name registration options

Domain name registration and domain name renewing options for domains listed in the search results

Bulk or Repeatable domain name check

Unsubscribe from domain name check

Many other features…


Version 1.2.0

• Updated interface to support Chrome 43.
• Support for support for Windows 8.1.
• Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.1.1

• Bug fix for skipping domain names.
• Improved search results.
• Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0.1

• Bug fix for incorrectly showing our company name.
• Bug fix for failure to show the domain name.
• Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.0

• Initial release.

My Domain Checker main features:

• My Domain Checker searches for domain names registered on a reliable domain registration company.
• You can check if the domain name has expired or is still available.
• You can check if domain

My Domain Checker Free

Check availability information of specific domains.
Provides the user with the following information:
– Current status of the domain (if it exists)
– Expiration date of the domain if it exists
– Domain age
– IP address of the domain if it exists
– Subdomain of the domain if it exists
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mydomainchecker is…

Whether you are looking to check a single domain or your whole portfolio, My Domain Checker is for you.
With this application, you can simply enter the URL of the sites that you are looking for, and check the status of the site.
My Domain Checker Features
Check the status of URL addresses
Obtain the details of the site including the domain registration date and the URL
Check if the…

My Domain Checker – The Best Domain Availability Checker
‘mydomainchecker’ provides you with the best domain availability checker to check a specific URL. So, if you need to check availability of your website, check its domain status quickly, you can use this application.
With mydomainchecker, you can check whether the URL of the domain is active or expired. Whether the domain is available or no longer available, the check will be checked.
What My Domain Checker can do…

How to use My Domain Checker – Some tips to get the best results from this site status checker
Getting the right results for My Domain Checker is not a simple task and it is best to have some tips to get the most out of the site availability checker.
Here are a couple of best tips to get the most out of the mydomainchecker site status checker.
Choose the right URL address
If you are doing a site status check, make sure that you use the…

Guru is an award-winning and easy-to-use domain checker. It enables you to check a domain availability, domain data of online sites and domains. It is a useful domain checker for the Internet users. It provides the best domain availability checker with the smallest installation files. It is a perfect tool for the Internet users and SEO experts.
Guru Features:
Makes sure the domain status is active or not
Domain Name Expiration Date
Unique Domain Name

Whether it is domain availability checker or domain expiration date checker, Zidisha Global provides you with the best features. It also provides you with a domain name expiration date checker. If you want to check the domain availability for online sites, use Zidisha Global.
Guru is an award-winning domain checker. It checks the domain registration date and domain information. Whether it is Active or Expired, Guru checks it. It is a quick domain…


What’s New In?

* Quickly verify the domain registration status;
* Check the domain availability at the registration site;
* Calculate domain expiration date;
* Check the availability of email address at the WHOIS information and the NS records;
* Check MX records for mail forwarding;
* Do a complete full domain check of the domain’s MX records and NS records.
System requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 – Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2 x64/x64.
* 1 GB RAM minimum and 2 GB to run the application smoothly and with no lags;
* Network connection will be required to check the email, mailforwarding and other features.
You can find the application at Google play store:

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My Web Image Loader is a handy and reliable application designed to help you manage and organize your multiple images with ease.
With My Web Image Loader, you no longer have to use your phone’s browser to get images from other sites. This application is especially helpful to people who need to frequently get images for web and digital projects.
You can get the selected image from your device’s storage or load it directly from the Internet.
My Web Image Loader Description:
* Get or take the selected image from your device’s storage;
* Upload images to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and other sharing sites;
* Backup images to your Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and other cloud storage services;
* Manage images for your website, digital and web projects;
* Easily sort and search through your images;
* Add custom comments, captions and tags to each image.
System requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 – Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2012 R2 x64/x64.
* 1 GB RAM minimum and 2 GB to run the application smoothly and with no lags;
* Network connection will be required to check the email, mailforwarding and other features.
You can find the application at Google play store:

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My Account Manager is a handy and reliable application designed to

System Requirements:

-Windows 7, 8 or 10
-1.8 GHz CPU
-2GB Video RAM
-500 MB free disk space
-Web browser
-8GB eMMC storage
-Supported OS: Android 4.3 and above
1. Please make sure to load the previous version before you download the latest version for the best experience.
2. You will get the reward when you finish the app in the current version, but the previous version