Daydream Theme Crack

Daydream Theme is a pack that contains 7 high resolution daydream backgrounds for your desktop.
Just download Daydream Theme and dream your day away with this whimsical pack, featuring art from Huang, Yun-Hsien.









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If you love dreaming, you are sure to love these pixel dreamscapes from Chinese artist Huang. Huang’s pixel art is distinguished by her dreamy style and vibrant colors.
You will find 7 fabulous HD dreamscapes on your desktop for a true daydream experience!
Here is more info about the artist:
Huang Yun-Hsien (Chinese:黄育卉, born in 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese concept artist and freelance illustrator. In 2006, she graduated from SUNY Purchase and a year later, obtained her Master’s degree in Photographic Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.
Huang’s illustration works can be found on international and Taiwanese magazines, as well as advertising and motion picture companies. She is mainly known for working for Walt Disney Pictures and Central Florida Studios.
She is also been featured in the GRAPHIC ARTS Magazine, Taipei Times, and Huang Photostream on Facebook.
HD – 1920 X 1080
HD – 1280 X 800
HD – 640 X 480

Orvos Theme is a pack that contain seven mockup backgrounds and one clone(0) for your desktop.
Included on this pack is Orvos Theme, a pack full of seven wonderful HD mockup backgrounds for your desktop.
Orvos Theme Description:
We are extremely pleased to have the new collection by Orvos Theme released as a pack for you to use.
Orvos Theme, a talented developer and the mastermind behind Orvos is a man who specializes in designing the beautiful backgrounds that we are offering you for your computer today.
We know that your desktop space is valuable. So we give you multiple choices of background to pick from, such as mockups, buttons and floating images.
The mockups are of a beautiful style and will be a perfect fit for your desktop.
Orvos Theme features a stunning design and looks simply wonderful on your desktop.
Orvos Theme is perfect for designers looking to perfect their mockups or create a great presentation for your future projects.
Pixel – 1920 X 1080
Pixel – 1280 X 800
Pixel – 640 X 480

Flipflop Theme is a pack that contain seven mockup backgrounds and one clone(0) for your desktop.
Included on this pack is Flipflop Theme, a pack full of seven wonderful HD mockup backgrounds for your

Daydream Theme 2022

Six high resolution daydream desktop backgrounds,
Dreamy pixel art concept art, and surreal backgrounds for daydreaming.
Enjoy our stunning daydream backgrounds with awe-inspiring sunset scenes, many with diving ships, sea creatures and man-made architecture. The other backgrounds bring you an almost dream like feeling.
All backgrounds are stunning high resolution wallpapers for your desktop.
To create a stunning desktop background, first, place the wallpapers on a white background. Next, make your desktop background by following instructions from your compose preference.

* Join the waitlist if you are interested in a future version of this theme!

Why do I waitlist this theme?

One reason is because I love to collect wallpapers, and if you are interested in this theme, you will definitely be also interested in others I will create in the future! The other reason is to make sure there is enough interest for this type of themes.

What is something I can do for your website? If you want to use some of my wallpapers as a background to your website, you can use my logo from the window to see what I mean. If you want me to create a custom background, you can contact me in the feedback section.

Check out some of my other themes:
– Fantasy Revolution – Relaxing B&W Wallpaper Pack
– Fantasy Street – High Resolution Fantasy Street backgrounds

You can also check out my store for other wallpapers and themes:

How to install this theme:

1. Unzip and rename the ZIP file to “”
2. Save this ZIP file on your computer (not your C drive)
3. Extract this ZIP file
4. You should be in the “Themes” folder, double-click the desktop background extension
5. Open the “DAYDREAMTHEME” folder
6. You should see a two additional wallpapers for your desktop. Double-click them
7. Enjoy your beautiful dreamy wallpapers!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a ZIP file and a.JPG file?
A: You can save your daydream wallpapers on your computer in a simple JPG file without any loss of quality. But if you want to use the wallpapers on your website, you need to

Daydream Theme Crack Activation Key Free Download [2022-Latest]

It’s the daydream theme, made for your desktop with a totally unique feel. Pick your favorite background from hundreds of styles and resolutions and take your desktop to the daydream. Backgrounds in this theme are tagged with the phrase “daydream”, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. You’ll also find a collection of a dozen daydream-esque wallpapers to complete your desktop.
What’s in the pack:
– 7 selectable backgrounds, 1920×1080 and 1280×720 versions (SVGA size & HD)
– All backgrounds are tagged with the phrase “daydream”, making them even more mysterious and dreamy.
– 12 wallpapers, 1920×1080 and 1280×720 versions
– Change the resolution using the right-click context menu

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What’s New In Daydream Theme?

You can download these daydream backgrounds for your desktop today!
Just click on the download button and you will be taken to the downloading page.
Once downloaded, this wallpaper is easy to install and you can use it for your desktop.
There are different sizes available on this wallpaper so select the size you need based on your desktop resolution.
More than a desktop wallpaper, this is a way to dream for a day and this dream background pack is for people who like to think about the art and beauty of nature.
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I am showing you a classy and modern day dream design of floral paradise with an eclectic orgy of unusual items. The borders are really funky, colourful and a good alternative to the standard inner background.

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Windows Vista or newer.

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