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Chingaari Hd Free Download 📌

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Chingaari Hd Free Download

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trouble with naming multiple column headers with csvReader R

I am using the csvReader package for R. I need to pull some data from 3 different data frames, and I need the headers of the columns to be identical across the three data frames. I can get it to read, but the problem is that I lose the headers. Here is my code. Any suggestions?
myCars = read.csv(“cars.csv”, header = TRUE)
myBikes = read.csv(“bikes.csv”, header = TRUE)
myRollers = read.csv(“rollers.csv”, header = TRUE)

twoDataFrames = rbind(myCars, myBikes, myRollers)

write.csv(twoDataFrames, file = “cars_bikes_rollers.csv”, row.names = FALSE)

cars.csv header
ID Make Model Year Mileage
1 Ford Motor 2019 4500

bikes.csv header
ID Make Model Year
1 BMW X 2018
2 Motorcycle 2018

rollers.csv header
ID Make Model Year
1 Rollerskates 2019

cars_bikes_rollers.csv with headers
ID, Year, Mile