Busuu € Easy Language Learning V13.4.0.68 [Premium]


Busuu € Easy Language Learning V13.4.0.68 [Premium]

and how would you feel if i told you that no matter how many people youre studying with, theres no way you can possibly master your foreign language in one month? or how about six? or one year? i promise you, you can do it.

busuu is a great app for people who want to learn languages, but it doesnt have a lot of features. theres no auto-translate, no flashcards or quizzes and no full-fledged grammar section, although theres a pretty good basic grammar system. so, if youre looking for something you can dive right into, this isnt it.

busuu also has a nice feature that lets you add multiple languages, and have them all appear in the same app. you can have a spanish-english one or an english-spanish one or something else entirely. theres no limit to how many languages you can add, and theres also no limitation on how many people you can have in your target language. you can have one-on-one or larger classes.

although theres no auto-translate, busuu does offer some features that make it pretty cool. first, you can listen to the audio in your target language with subtitles so you can get a sense of what youre saying.

there are also a couple of nice features that will have you never want to leave your language classroom. first, when you reply, you can choose from four different kinds of feedback. its self-explanatory – some will tell you what youve said and how it sounds, while others will tell you what you should say. theres also a direct, real-time response that lets you know if youve said the right thing, but you cant know how youve written until the person replies.

busuu also provides a 3-month calendar of useful phrases for when you need to communicate. you can use these phrases on your smartphone by tapping the word, and it has an amazing voiceover by a native speaker. you can also share these phrases via whatsapp or facebook, and theyre super useful.
for example, in the spanish course, there is one dialogue for speaking, and another for writing. you can also practice your pronunciation by listening to native speakers, which is very beneficial. busuu has three different ways to practice: flashcard study, drill, and application. i will discuss each of these in turn. busuu also offers audio and video for the language courses. for example, the spanish course has audio and video, but the chinese course doesnt.
if youre learning more than one language, theres a real emphasis on listening rather than speaking, as your teachers will be able to point out any mistakes in your spanish pronunciation or german verbs. they can also help you with your french pronunciation (if youre learning french).
busuus brilliant social aspect is one of the best features that makes this app stand out, there are a few other brilliant features. you can also build your own learning community with other people who speak your native language, from people who also study your native language to those who only speak your native language. this can be a great way to meet people and find out about new things without the pressure of having to make conversation. for example, i learned about this course that was being offered by a lecturer at my local university because he was looking for people who knew english to help him with his studies. i looked him up and decided to join, then shared the link with the people in my learning community (which is called a language exchange group).