Acpi Smcf010 Windows 7 Driver Download [VERIFIED]


Acpi Smcf010 Windows 7 Driver Download

Unfortunately, even after spending time in trial and error mode, i am not able to find out the particular driver that i require.
I am running windows 7 home premium, 32 bit.
I have tried installing all the update available in the Device Manager as well as installed some fixes for acpi problems for my dell inspiron 13, (the exact model is 5450).
But since i have problems in my acpi, i would like to avoid re-installation of the OS as far as possible.
Please help me and i will be very much obliged to you.


The below fix is for MSI PROBLEM WITH: LENOVO LAPTOP (F4917): – CPU cooler fan of the core i7 5380U throttles to 800 rpm due to acpi problem. The BIOS gives BIOS Dump as text.

This fix works for Acer Aspire One AO534h 64bit dual core CPU and ACER L430 32bit dual core CPU. It is mainly targeted for Acer Aspire One AO534h & Lenovo L430, and covers both 32 and 64 bit.
File size: 5 mb

Solution 1 – Download and extract file MSI ACPI DRIVER (Get it here – drop down list)
Solution 2 – Rename the extracted folder to e32\boot\bios\down.
Solution 3 – Copy the folder e32\boot\bios\down\down to your bootable floppy drive (must be in C:\ ).

Finally restart your PC and it will work.
Note: In case of any errors or problems, please view the MSI forums here:

NOTE: If for any reason you cannot get this fix to work, try one of the following files (if they work, you can keep them; if not, put them in the trash can and try one of the other two). This works for 32 and 64 bit machines, and cover different motherboards:
File size: 500 kB

Solution 1 – Download and extract file MSI ACPI MOTHERBOARD DRIVER
Solution 2 – Rename the extracted folder to M64F \update\f10\m50e\update.inf
Solution 3 – Copy the folder M64F\update\f10\m50

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