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Turbo Guarder Crack + License Key Full Free For Windows

Cracked Turbo Guarder With Keygen operates under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
The program comes standard with pre-installed shortcut for installation.
Its installation process does not change your Windows registry.
When it is installed, it creates a Turbo Guarder folder in your “system32” directory.
The program checks to see if there is a folder called “Turbo Guarder” under your “SYSTEM32”. If not, the program creates this folder and sets it as the start-up folder.
The program takes its default path in order to scan directories.
It will not scan beyond directories with read/write permissions.
If you later decide to remove the program from your computer, you can remove the Turbo Guarder folder as well.
Upon installation the program creates the following shortcuts in your “My Computer” (X:/)
1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\System\Turbo Guarder
2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Turbo Guarder
It also creates a shortcut in your “Programs” directory.

Features include:
1. Ability to block access to EXE, DLL and OCX files.
2. Ability to show / hide the file name/path.
3. Ability to set the delay for password prompts.
4. Ability to keep the EXE files as unsaved/unmarked.
5. Ability to make files password protected only on other computes than the one used for encrypting them.
6. Ability to save the paths of encrypted files.
7. Ability to set the password.
8. Ability to set the time period to encrypt/decrypt files.
9. Ability to make the files to be encrypted readable.
10. Ability to remove the unused applications.
11. Ability to show a list of the encrypted/decrypted files.
12. Ability to make the encryption/decryption process transparent.
13. Ability to hide all progress at the time of encryption/decryption.
14. Ability to compare the password list to the currently used password.
15. Ability to create a new password list and auto-change the already used one.
16. Ability to create a backup before processing the loaded file.
17. Ability to create a backup password list and auto-change the password list if changed.

Turbo Guarder Crack + License Key Full PC/Windows

The most important Turbo Guarder Serial Key Features are:

Turbo Guarder Crack creates a default EXE file and creates an Archive File(.zar) to be used later.

Using the default EXE file you can easily make sure that the default EXE files(.exe) can only be run on the specified computers/workstations.

After creating the default file and the backup, Turbo Guarder copies the default EXE files on the specified computers/workstations.

The backup (zipped) file can be sent to any selected location.

If required, Turbo Guarder encrypts the default EXE files.

The encrypted files can be password protected.

After changing the password, Turbo Guarder informs you of the modified password by displaying a prompt.

The password can be changed on other computers/workstations.

The size of the password will be shown before the prompt appears.

The password can also be changed from the archive file.

The files can be encrypted and password protected using archive files.

The following download only contains the EXE files that are automatically converted into the archive files.

Turbo Guarder has an easy one step installation process. The user simply unzips the downloaded file to their system folder, then uninstalls Turbo Guarder using the accompanying uninstaller. If you have any questions regarding the install please contact us. For detailed information on how to install Turbo Guarder, please read below.

Last Update: 23.10.2008

Installation Details

After unzipping the download file to any folder on your system, you should rename the Auto-uninstall.bat file to Turbo-uninstall.bat. After renaming the file, double click Turbo-uninstall.bat and follow the instructions to uninstall Turbo Guarder.
The installation process can be started from the steps below:

Step 1)

Start the Program by double clicking the unzipped file.

Step 2)

When the Turbo Guarder Window appears, click the Configure button to enter the Options Tab.

Step 3)

The Options Tab contains the User Guide.

Step 4)

Click the Install button to start the install process.

The installation process will begin. It can take several minutes to complete.

The program will work in the standard Windows Installer dialog box. Press any key to cancel or any other

Turbo Guarder Crack + [Mac/Win]

Turbo Guarder is a simple application that was created in order to serve as a means of preventing access to executable (EXE) files, libraries (DLL) and ActiveX controls (OCX).
The program can create a backup before processing the loaded file. With Turbo Guarder you have the possibility to make the files password protected only on other computes than the one used for encrypting them.
Also, you can set a delay for password prompts, by selecting the desired date from the built-in calendar of Turbo Guarder.

If you can’t run this program, you can’t take advantage of the Turbo Guarder Licensing.
This program is freeware.

How to install Turbo Guarder:

You can download the setup from the link given above. After downloading the program you have to open the downloaded file.
In the downloaded file, you can find the setup file which needs to be open.
After opening the setup, choose the “run” option to install the Turbo Guarder and run the program.
Make sure your antivirus is not blocking the program.
To use turbo guarder, rename the current application, and run Turbo Guarder that should remove the Turbo Guarder icon from your computer.

Further help:

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Also, you can get the technical support for Turbo Guarder from the link given above.,c,d,e,f);
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What’s New in the Turbo Guarder?

Turbo Guarder is an easy-to-use system software that allows you to protect your protected EXE, DLL or OCX file with a password from other users and system administrator. The program is very easy to install, and there is no need to do the configuration after installation. After installation, you can create a catalog of the protected EXE, DLL or OCX and make a backup of them. The program has been created as a simple, speedy and easy to use tool that will help you to prevent any unauthorized access to your files or folders and to protect them from unauthorized copying or other unauthorized usage.

Key Functionality of Turbo Guarder:
– Supports encryption and password protection only on the client computer that uses Turbo Guarder;
– Allows you to create a catalog of the protected files to protect them in the future, and automatically make a backup of the protected files;
– Allows you to set a password for each file or folder to protect them from unauthorized users;
– Allows you to set the time of the password protection and the delay for password prompts for each file or folder;
– Allows you to set the character that can be used for the passwords and the numbers that can be used for the passwords (digits only);
– Allows you to change the location of the backup file or set another user account to create the backup file in;
– Provides a built-in calendar function for the password protection prompt dates;
– Allows you to start the program by double-clicking on it or going through the Start menu and selecting Program Start;
– Allows you to see the progress of the backup file creation or verification on the screen during the backup process;
– Allows you to change the program’s speed according to your demands;
– Allows you to open the program in a specified icon or a specified window.

How to Run the Turbo Guarder:

1. Install the program on the computer where you want to protect your files and folders.

2. When prompted, enter the password to protect files and folders, and the character that can be used for the passwords and the numbers that can be used for the passwords (digits only).

3. Select the desired file or folder, then press Protect.

4. Set the delay for the password protection and the time of the password protection for the file or folder.

5. Create a catalog of the files and folders to protect them in the future by pressing Yes.

System Requirements For Turbo Guarder:

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