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Java: How to find the physical path of a device on the network?

I’m writing a server that communicates over a network.
I am passing the IP of the computer to the server, and using that IP address to find out what is the physical path to the device.
My question is: is this a good idea, i.e. is there a better way to do this?


In a Windows environment, consider using WMI – it provides direct connectivity to device names and paths. WMI’s supported under Windows 7 and up
Other than that, of course, there are always network monitoring devices that keep track of devices on a given network.


How do I create a custom React component with two different styles?

I’ve created a custom component called LinkedSlider that is meant to align the first and last items within a list of items. I’ve set up an example of the behaviour on
Below is a simplified version of the component:
var LinkedSlider = React.createClass({
render: function() {
var links = [];

this.props.links.forEach(function(el, i) {
links.push(React.createElement(‘a’, {onClick: function(){ console.log(i)}}, el));

return (



What I’ve found is that I need to use several different classes. For example, if I want to have the first, last and links

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