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What is the difference between an md5, md5sum and md5hex? | TechRepublic

Imagine you have a file to store data, and you want to make sure that someone can not see what data goes in it. This is what a hash is for. MD5, MD4, MD4sum, MD5sum are all hash functions that are used to generate hashes from files.
But.. What do all those letters mean? Let’s look at each of them, and understand them.

The Christian-right dream of making America religious.

There is nothing in the world that craves attention and respect and seeks to dominate like religion. This is in part because it comes with no guarantee that the rules and regulations it imposes will be followed, and this makes it a powerful way to win friends and influence people. But to those on the opposite side, who oppose its incursion into people’s private lives, religion is a weapon intended to inflict harm; and even the most innocent among its practitioners, for example Evangelical Christians, is not immune from its more extreme manifestations, having a belief that is prone to the use of force.

Climate change: It’s not your imagination.

We all live on a planet that is, by any natural standard, going through a state of rapid change. The evidence of this is so blatant and common sense it’s hard to miss. But the implications of this for humanity are huge and seem inexorably to manifest themselves in ways that are only going to get worse. In terms of climate change that means, by the year 2100, a planet on which everyone is currently living is going to become uninhabitable for most of the human race. Global warming, as this problem is known, is the primary cause of this. And it’s all manmade.

Argentina Fires 1,500 Inmates To Fight Brazil’s Malaria Epidemic

Several nursing homes in the Rosario area of western Argentina have been using a novel method of preventing the spread of malaria by using inmates instead of paid employees to drive the trucks carrying blood to hospitals.

The country has a history of fighting malaria, with the result that since the initiative was launched in 2011 malaria cases are down 83 percent.

“This is a smart and effective way of reducing costs and helping the hospitals,” said Mayor of Rosario Marcelo Yáñez.

Since mid-September,

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