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How to organize my code?

I’m using a class in C# for some encryption functions. I create the object “MyEncryptor” and use the same key for all my program(global variable). I’ve used this class for three projects now and they all have the same “key” in their code, so that means I have to change it manually every time I want to build a new project.
I’ve only got the class, the key and a few functions and I use this class to do some encryption and decryption to some string. Is it possible to create a file with the key and the class, and when I build the project I’ll have access to it and “know” the correct key to use for the current time?


You should create an interface for the encryption class, then create several instances, one for each application. If you have to have the same key value, then use a method that calls the implementation of your class, instead of having to maintain the code.

In January, the country’s top manufacturing body, the Australian Industry Group (AiG), published a white paper warning that “Australia’s competitive advantage is being eroded by its rapidly growing offshore supply chain”. This represents a dramatic shift in industrial policy, when for the last two decades governments have committed a great deal of money and effort to try to get more of our goods to market, and more people to work making them here. It’s hard not to look at AiG’s warning and wonder if the federal government has been co-opted by the offshore suppliers of our manufacturing boom.

Among the first people to buy in to the idea was the new treasurer, Scott Morrison, in 2008. He used the One Nation election campaign platform to set out his plans to “rework” the nation’s tax system so that more businesses would be held to account for their operations offshore. He said that One Nation wanted to “stop the current flow of jobs to offshore – that’s why we want to allow people to work where they choose”.

It wasn’t long before other countries were looking to our tax system as a model, and they were quick to note the way it was designed to encourage investment, and how it taxed income onshore, but ignored gains from

Introduction | Alter Eisenerlauf (tourist board)

Direktmessung bei Eisenerlauf


Alter Eisenerlauf auf Schloss Neuschwanstein

Ist gehaltener Eisenerlauf eine Option für Erwachsene?

Schnelle Fahrt über den Eisentraum

Bei der Erwachsenen Fahrt

Schildkarte bei der Erwachsenen Fahrt

Das “Laufpass” für Erwachsene

Hab ich es verstanden?

Erwachsene Fähren

Für Erwachsene

Laufpass für Erwachsene

Passgruppen für die Schleife


Kleine Schleifen



Bosch unterhaltende Wege

Bosch unterhaltende Wege


Mit dem “Passage” zur Eisenstation


Lauf- und Schleifenabstand

Laufpass für Erwachsene – notiautomatiske Nutzung der Ost-Autobahn

Eisenportal-Anzeigensystem 2

Schild- und Lichtkameras



Zuränderung des Aufschlusses im Eisenportal

Vorbereitungen für das Eisenportal

Das Eisenportal für Männer


Vergleich zu den Schleifen-Schleich

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