Rslogix Emulate 5000 V21l 💽


Rslogix Emulate 5000 V21l

this application works flawlessly with rslogix series 5000 emulation software.the software simulates the control logix 5000 module.since the emulated module is represented by a special device in your simulation, it is really important to connect the real rs-e5000 correctly. remember, the logic shown in the simulation software is almost the same as the real thing. therefore, if you connect the correct adapter, you can operate the real rs-e5000 well.

the adapter uses the rs-e5000 controller also provides the simulator of rs-e5000 in the same format. to connect the adapter and rs-e5000 use the serial port to send and receive signals. the serial port is usually selected as com3 on the computer. to connect the adapter and rs-e5000 use the serial port of the adapter connected to the same com port. please see the manual of the adapter before you connect the adapter. also, remember to install the adapter before you connect the rs-e5000.

use this adapter with the rslogix 5000 emulation software. use this adapter to connect the rs-e5000 controller. make sure the number of virtual adapters is one. the virtual adapters are allocated to the serial ports com3 – com5.the number of virtual adapters is determined by the installer of rslogix 5000. you can set the number of the virtual adapters while installing the rslogix 5000.

to protect the user from illegal or damaging changes to the register, the rs-e5000 emulated module has an option called flash nil. when the flash nil is selected, the operating mode of the emulated rs-e5000 module is always in nil mode. so that the user’s code can be tested from the installation program without affecting the previously existing module or software. if your own program don’t work well when simulated with the module with flash nil, please check whether the emulated register has previously saved the correct values in the program. if you can still not find the solution, check whether the power switch on the rs-e5000 module is off. if this problem still persists, contact your rs-e5000 dealer or logix customer service.


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