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Order Cursor Open Not really an issue any more after recent

i have an SQL query and i used order by clause to get only top-10 records. My query is something like this:
select * from Student order by score desc limit 10

Then my table’s structure is something like this:
id score
1 3
2 5
3 10
4 12
5 16
6 19
7 23
8 27
9 32
10 35

So the result is 5,10,11,12,13…..
So the thing is: i want to show it like this:


Because the id in the question is 5 and id in the answer is 5.
Please help me. thanks


You can use SQL_CACHE function.
First you should check that if you already have value from this session or not.
If you don

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Checking and modding values in one file and writing back to the same file

I have written this code but the output I get is not correct. It doesn’t take the if value and mod it by itself.
using namespace std;
int main()
ifstream infile;
ofstream outfile;“in.txt”);
int a = 20;
int b = 10;
infile >> a >> b;“in.txt”);
outfile > a >> b;

std::cin >> a >> b; // > a >> b;
std::cin >> a >> b; // Janet Bancroft

Janet Bancroft (born 1 June 1969) is a British actress and former model. Bancroft has had recurring roles in series such as Shetland (2012–14), Dalziel & Pascoe (2015–17), Rose (2018–19), The Great Detectives (2018) and Bodies (2019).

Early life
Bancroft was born on 1 June 1969 to an NHS dressage coach. She has one brother and one sister, both of whom are actors. Bancroft lives in Manchester, where she is studying drama and is still in regular contact with her former modelling agent, Alex Goodman.


In 1994 Bancroft won an open casting for the British Airways Travel Agent spot. She was chosen for the role following an