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iTrace Pro 8

iTrace Pro 8 is a set of professional tools designed to simplify the operation and analysis of serial / TCP / UDP / IP traffic.
Traffic Capture tool allows you to capture traffic data in real time. Based on Wireshark, this tool provides an easy to use graphical interface for capturing and analyzing network traffic in both local and remote network environments. iTrace Pro 8 supports a few advanced capture modes: capture packets offloaded from the application layer to the packet sniffing tool, simultaneous capture of packets on several interfaces using sniffing and Windows Registry settings.
Unique ‘Event’ workflow mode allows to create a special events file for easy analysis of captured traffic. The events file can be easily reused for any other capture session. In order to provide maximum flexibility, iTrace Pro 8 can be synchronized with the database of any JetBrains tool.
Corresponding to Wireshark iTrace Pro 8 allows both reading and writing of data packets into a file. It provides support for reading and writing files into any RAW format – memory or physical devices. In addition, it allows you to save captured traffic for later on, and also for remote inspection via FTP or HTTP protocol.
Finally iTrace Pro 8 supports the module for database of captured data. The module can be easily updated and synchronized with the JetBrains Database module.
After capturing or editing the traffic, iTrace Pro 8 allows you to examine its content using its built-in ‘Analysis’ and ‘Decode/Video’ tools. A large set of visual and numerical statistics is provided as well as the possibility of displaying the captured data in a graphical format.
iTrace Pro 8 provides support for the latest DDOS attacks and the ability to decode encrypted HTTP traffic to show its contents. It provides an extremely easy to use graphical interface to decode HTTP messages. Unlike many other HTTP decoder tools available on the market, the tool allows decrypting of both vulnerable and encrypted (i.e. HTTPS) traffic. Moreover, iTrace Pro 8 is one of the few tools available which supports reading of two-factor authentication tokens, i.e. two-factor authentication bypasses (2FABs).
iTrace Pro 8 comes with a built-in graphical interface which allows you to view information about captured data. The interface has the following tabs: saved traffic, playback, analysis tools, decode & video tools and statistics.

iTrace Pro 8


PEditor Crack+ Free License Key PC/Windows

The software is a Windows application that allows you to view,
modify, and remove security,
debug, and make import/export of information for PE files.
It supports three hardening levels (none, basic, full).
You can set the type of the file after opening the
file with the ‘Open’ button and edit the PE-Header and
optional other sections of the file (as mentioned above).

Peditor Features:
– View, modify, and remove security,
debug, and make import/export of information for PE
– Supports three hardening levels.
– Visible directory tree of the PE-File.
– Optional Header Viewer.
– BuildCoeffs Viewer.
– Selected data can be exported to a file.
– Selected data can be imported from a file.
– Set import and export symbols to the imported file.
– View and set the RVA and size of the selected data.
– Set base/entry/code/etc. of the selected data.
– Set options for rebuild the entire image.
– Edit.DAT file.
– Delete and add the section of the selected data.
– Delete and add the executable of the
selected data.
– Move a section in the directory tree.
– Move a file in the directory tree.
– Log display.
– Built-in help.
– Save options as a.sig file.
– Save options as a.ini file.
– Reset options.
– Split and merge sections.
– Remove invalid relocations.
– Enforce hardening level of the binary.
– Search for specified data from the directory tree.
– Search for specified data in the binary.
– Set debug sections of the selected data.
– Set import of the selected symbols.
– Search for all the files in the directory tree.
– Clear selected data.
– Clear all selected data.
– Set discard flags of the selected data.
– List the settings of the marked image.
– Select all the data.
– Select by type.
– Make the section that you would like to edit
the active section.
– Switch from ASCII to HEX.
– Make all the sections of the selected data
the active sections.
– Set the debug symbols
and various export and import symbols.
– Search for the specified strings in the

PEditor Activator Free X64

Peditor is an application for analyzing Portable Executable (PE) files. With PEditor you can view all the information related to Portable Executable (PE) files, like Filename, TimeStamp, PE Header and Data, IMAGE_DOS_HEADER, IMAGE_NT_HEADER, IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY, IMAGE_EXPORT_DIRECTORY, Section data, and many other information, such as Base of Code, Base of Data, RVA of Memory, Virtual Size, PE Section and etc. Besides, PEditor includes an easy way to manipulate files, so you can easily make changes to it, like changing name, time stamp, signature, PE section, RVA of memory, and much more.
– Get file information, PE header data, IMAGE_DOS_HEADER, IMAGE_NT_HEADER, IMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY, IMAGE_EXPORT_DIRECTORY, Section data, Virtual Size, PE header additional information, etc.
– Also, rename, move and copy data in PE files.
– Create, update and delete PE files.
– Supports multiple platforms and architectures: x86, X64, ARM, and others.
– Specify Multiple Environments.
– You can specify local and global as relative (useful in developing programs with multiple users) and absolute paths.
– Works with PE files of many formats: ANSI, Unicode, Unicode Extra, Unicode Normal and others.
– The function of changing the line number, the line offset and the character offset in a file has been improved for you.
– The function of changing the directory, filename, time, date, signature, PE file and size has been improved for you.
– Get file creation time, access time and modification time for each file.
– Can create new files with the same name of existing files.
– Supports partial directory path and usage.
– Easily to find all the resources and remove the resource for a directory.
– Can also process the blank space of a directory and search the resource.
– When opening the file, support to search the resource, as well as unprotect and open the resources.
– Split the section data to many separated sections, so they are easier to work with.
– Easily to convert files.
– Easy editing of attributes and data.
– Supports import and export of the file as a relative path.
– View

What’s New In PEditor?

Peditor is a structured window utility used to work with Portable Executable (PE) files under Windows. It is the latest version of the well-known PEfile Viewer and explorer and it is specially designed for beginners that do not have any experience handling such files and it is one of the most powerful but easiest to use file viewers around.
Peditor is a PC file viewer that has all the features of PEfile Viewer, but also has an additional Features that includes:
1. User-friendly interface
2. Various editing tools available
3. User-friendly settings
4. Optional section header information
5. Native (Windows-based) feature
The program is built with other utilities that already made the user interaction with PE files easy, but without losing functionality and features.
1. File I/O Functions
2. Section Edit
3. Alignment tools
4. User-friendly settings
5. Optional Section Header Information
6. Section Split
7. Block Cut/Copy
8. Superduper Block Cut/Copy
9. Editing Tools
10. Editing Tool Insert/Change
11. File View
12. Instant File List
13. File View with Optional Expansion
14. File List Open/Save
15. File View with Instant File List
16. Drag and Drop functions
17. Separately Executable and Linkable File View
18. Existing files add/delete
19. List Files
20. Preview
21. EXE Merge/Split
22. Header View
23. Section Edit
24. Exit Program
25. Program Options
27. Import/Export
28. Export/Import Options
29. Import/Export to Files
30. Export/Import from Files
31. Import/Export to Clipboard
32. Export/Import to Clipboard
33. Import/Export to Clipboard
34. Export/Import from Clipboard
35. Import/Export
36. Import/Export – Files
37. Import/Export – Files
38. Import/Export – Files
39. Export/Import to Excel
40. Export/Import to Excel
41. Import/Export to Excel
42. Export/Import to OpenOffice
43. Export/Import to OpenOffice
44. Import/Export from OpenOffice
45. Export/Import from OpenOffice
46. Import/Export
47. Import/Export
48. Import/Export
49. Import/

System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Mac OSX 10.9 or higher
Graphics card supporting OpenGL 2.0
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
Full Specifications:
– Controller: Gamepad (for Nintendo Switch and Gamecube)
– Network: Ad-Hoc for Nintendo Switch
– Game language: Japanese
– Mode: Single
– Game size: 880 MB

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