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Synchronization of static references to the same List

I am using the ThreadPoolTaskScheduler to schedule a task with the ThreadPool for execution on a target system.
I have some classes I have to share between my Windows Service and the task to be performed, these classes make use of a single static List that is used in a central CacheManager for synchronization between the tasks.
Question 1: How should I synchronize access to the static shared list? As I am coming from.NET I would expect access to be serialized (as it would be with a private field) but I know how Java handles static variables.
Question 2: My initial guess was to lock the list before adding anything to it and when accessing it to unlock the list in a finally block.
Question 3: Is it really necessary to lock the list in this way?
private void PerformCacheTask()
// Lock the shared list
lock (list)
if (list.Count > 0)
// Locate a pool
ParallelOptions pool = new ParallelOptions()

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