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Hex code is unique per every CPU. So, In my case, if I want to check what would happen with Linux, I use Linux to check with command CPUID.
$> sudo cpudetect

Then, If you want to find which CPU it is, use cpuburn.
$> sudo cpuburn

So, it is impossible to map it to Hex Code

The role of cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP in the activation of protein kinase C by prolactin in granulosa cells.
In the present paper we studied the activation of protein kinase C by prolactin in ovine granulosa cells. The results obtained show that prolactin increases the activity of protein kinase C in the presence of Mg2+. The influence of cAMP on the activation of PKC by prolactin was also studied. By means of an enzyme immunoassay we quantified the cyclic AMP level in granulosa cells after treatment with different concentrations of prolactin. The results show that high concentrations of prolactin (more than 10 ng/ml) decrease the levels of cAMP, whereas low concentrations of prolactin (1.4 ng/ml) and in particular physiological concentrations of prolactin (1.4 and 5 ng/ml) induce a significant increase of cAMP levels. It is concluded that cAMP and PKC participate in the prolactin-induced activation of protein kinase C in ovine granulosa cells.The number of people that can be accommodated in a single microbrewery building is low compared to the market demand for beer. Typically there is only enough space to brew about two barrels of beer at a time. What’s a brewery to do? One option is to buy a smaller brewery and expand to a larger facility. But, this option is not available for everyone.

Another option is to expand the brewery itself. Today’s brewery designs are much larger than those from 10 years ago and can be quite expensive to build. One brewery can cost in the range of $2 million to $5 million (depending on the configuration) to construct. The large capital investment, coupled with the low number of breweries, have made building a new brewery impossible for many breweries.

Brewers today are looking for a cost-effective solution to expand their brewing capacity. They need a brewery that is cost-effective for their industry, but still large

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