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News Flash 500 Standalone Application Crack With Registration Code For Windows [Latest]

“News Flash 500″ is a very fast, always-up-to-date newsreader that you can install and use on your PC or MAC.
It allows you to get the latest stories from 500 different major news sources.
The application can be extended with RSS subscriptions and choices of “Favorites” and “New” folders.

Important note: The developer states that this is not a “clone” of the iPhone “Newsstand”, but is meant to “work” with the iPhone “Newsstand” application, and as a result is a separate application.
■ You may find “News Flash 500” to update the categories slowly because it is a standalone application.
■ The application will ask to add categories, a small “question mark” is present by each category after the application is installed.
■ The developer states that this application will work with iOS 3.0 or later.
■ iOS 4.x requires this application to have root access to the device.
■ The developer states that you are not required to pay for Apple iTunes subscriptions.
News Flash 500 Standalone Application supports Device-to-PC syncing via iTunes.
News Flash 500 Standalone Application price: $24.99
To obtain the price of the application, please register for the developer’s newsletter (see Updates).
Registration for the newsletter will occur immediately after the application is purchased.
The price for the newsletter registration will be shown in your purchases history. You may choose to receive the newsletter or cancel.

What’s new in v1.2.1:
■ User-friendly, full-screen mode of operation
■ Much easier to use option to select city or continent
■ Improved auto-update feature for option to check for updates automatically
■ Ability to have seven items in the favorites folder
■ Ability to mark items in the favorites folder as unread
■ Ability to assign a pictures folder to the favorites folder
■ Ability to select folder types (eg: plain text, HTML)
■ Ability to filter news titles (see Updates)
* An FAQ is available for your convenience.

Data Quality is no longer needed, since we can now successfully link Facebook profile to iPhone.

■ Ability to un-check Facebook account in future

Upgrade to iOS 4.0 or later

News Flash 500 Standalone Application Crack + (LifeTime) Activation Code [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

“News Flash 500” is a fast growing local news application which can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Windows Phone.

The application comes bundled with all the cities that are currently included in the application.
The application currently covers:
■ Sports
■ National News
■ Top Stories
■ Travel
■ Entertainment
■ Technology
■ World News
■ Religion
■ Politics
And, new cities will be added as they become available.
The application can be downloaded for free.
All settings can be modified via the iTunes store app or directly within the application.
A separate detailed help guide is available at
News Flash 500 Standalone Application Testimonials:
“Bought in app purchases are really great and easy to use. The Customer Support is also great.”
“The customer service people were very nice and helpful. One of the biggest pluses was being able to upload pictures straight from our desktop.”
“It was easy and the application allows you to put a banner or banner image in the app. Very simple and does what it does.”


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News Flash 500 Standalone Application Crack

How to download and install News Flash Standalone Application?
News Flash 500 is an application program that collects feeds of major news in your location from over 100 news providers in an easy and convenient fashion, including National News, World News, Technology, and Entertainment.
News Flash Standalone Download Link:

News Flash 500 is our first “Download Only Application” written with an easy-to-use user interface, and designed to be used with multiple news feeds.
For more information on how to download and use News Flash 500 click here:

Note: Please be reminded that once you download and install News Flash Standalone Application on your PC, it will not be removed from your PC automatically. You have to use the installer and select “keep this application”. If you don’t want to install it, then you should uninstall it yourself.
News Flash 500 Standalone Features:
– Lists nearly 300 feeds that you can get in over 160 news sources.
– News feeds include National News, World News, Technology, Entertainment and more.
– Each new feed is added to the Application regularly so that you never run out of new feeds.
– You can configure the auto-update rate, even have it update once a month if you wish.
– Feeds are grouped by City, so you can choose the city you wish to get your news from.
– Built-in news aggregation, where new feeds are automatically added to the collection, without the need for user intervention.
– A resource screen contains a list of all the feeds and allows you to delete them.
– Mark as read so news can be used without having to refresh the screen each time.
– User-friendly.
– Mark as read will set “Do Not Disturb Mode” so that you won’t get any more new feeds.
– Multiple users can be used in a single installation.
– A help screen contains information about how to set up and use the application.
We have dramatically improved the speed of News Flash, so that you can now get your news much faster than ever before.
News Flash 500 is now updated daily.
To download the latest version:

What’s New In?

News Flash is the number one RSS reader on the market for iPhone and iPod touch users. We have combined the latest news feed technology with the most robust and fast-loading data to create the perfect news reader!
News Flash has a customizable home screen, simple navigation, a search engine, and fully configurable themes. As always, you can get the latest versions of News Flash through iTunes.

Get more than just news feeds. With News Flash you can read blogs, social networking updates, and stay up to date on your favorite websites. You can even save articles for later reading.
News Flash (standalone) iPhone App Features:
■ Get the latest headlines, breaking news, and blog updates.
■ Get a huge list of news feeds, RSS feeds, and news article RSS feeds.
■ Don’t miss important articles with the automatic update feature.
■ Control the degree of “interactivity”, so that articles that are least important are just ignored, while articles that are most important are read fully.
■ Features:
– Automatically update (or “check for updates”) to latest newsfeed.
– Searchable headlines and description.
– Check for program updates.
– Mark as read (so refreshing list will highlight new stories).
– Selectable city to get local news and sports.
– Check for new articles in the selected city.
– Mark as read (so refreshing list will highlight new stories).
– New articles are marked (a list of all new articles is shown).
– List of best RSS feeds sorted by popularity (showing recent feeds).
– Get the latest blog updates and RSS feeds.
– NewsFlash is a simple news reader. With NewsFlash, you can save stories for later reading.
News Flash (standalone) iPhone App Downloads:
News Flash (standalone) iPhone App has a rating of 1 stars with a total of 2 reviews.
The latest version is v2.1.0, which was uploaded on September 17, 2010.

News Flash For Android App Description:
News Flash is a free RSS reader for your Android devices. You can instantly receive breaking news, sports, and blogs updates on your Android. News Flash can be used in 2 modes: stand alone application and “news flash” widget.
News Flash Standalone Application contains 7 categories of news feeds: Top Stories, Local Sports, Local News, National News, World News, Entertainment, Sports.

System Requirements:

20 GB of available disk space
Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8
ePlayer – Audio for Windows XP users, available on request.
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