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Martha Madison: Forces is a game in the Martha Madison: Forces series, designed from the ground up to help teach middle school science. In Forces, players can create their own custom levels by combining forces, inertia, and friction, all of which are used in the simulation and can be directly played with in-game. Students learn a variety of physics concepts through this hands-on experience. In addition, all the gameplay data from a player’s session can be exported for use in Martha Madison: Forces Level Builder. You can build levels from scratch or using a library of pre-made level designs.
Key Features of Martha Madison: Forces:
Energy and Force: Understanding The Laws of Motion and Work
Inertia and Constant Velocity
Force and Gravitational Pull
Friction and Motion Speed
Friction and Differential Friction
Inertial Reaction: Conservation of Linear Momentum
Simple Forces: Using Mass, Distance, and Constant Forces
Force Multipliers: Using Differential and Concentric Friction
You can apply forces by rotating ice blocks in the simulation and by grabbing them with the right mouse button. You can change the speed at which the ice is flowing by changing the slope of the surface. Player can also use the tilting of blocks to move them into a new area. When an ice block reaches the end of a chain of blocks, it will go straight, so in order to get it to the other end, you have to apply the forces at the correct time.
Watch Video Trailer of the Game:
The game includes a complete game tutorial where you can find video instructions and a new tutorial for every individual level and an optional Practice mode where you can build your own new levels.
Can It Work?
Martha Madison: Forces has been tested and found to be effective in middle school science classes. Students are interested in using new technology to better understand our world and have been encouraged to contribute their own creations. Teachers and educators have been very enthusiastic about using the game with their students.
Instructions for Level Creation
From the Home Page, click on the Game Page for a level and select Create Level. From there you will be able to choose from four different Creative Levels.
Creative Levels:
Zig-zag: You have a fixed, repeating graphic and you can adjust the size of the course.
Galaxy: You can turn the ice blocks into stars and add a background texture.
Tetris: You have a repeating pattern of blocks and you can change the


Mojica Features Key:

  • Awaken a demigod in a world of gods


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Welcome to Gravity Ghost, a puzzle game in which you solve each level by manipulating gravity!
While you play, you have to watch for gravitational anomalies you find in the Gravity Ghost world. Anomalies come in many different shapes and sizes, but what you really need to worry about is the gravity—which you can actually change to get what you want!
Key Features:
* Over 70 levels of pure puzzle challenge and action!
* Fantastic soundtrack!
* New mechanics and gameplay!
* A brand new world!
* Great for both short and long play sessions!
* Unlocks when you complete a level!
Who this game is for:
Fans of Portal, Limbo, and Super Meat Boy.
What you will get:
The original Gravity Ghost, a full sequel that features more levels, better mechanics, and fixes all the bugs that were present in the original.
Why we chose this title:
It was a really fun game to make, and was our first game we made completely on our own.
As a game, Gravity Ghost is heavy on fun, and the atmosphere is beautifully dark. As a puzzle game, we hope players find it enthralling and interesting.
How to play:
To complete the game, you’ll need to solve puzzles and manipulate gravity to move objects and complete objectives.
The game is designed so that you can see progress of your current level in the menu so you can stay entertained and feel good about finishing each level as quickly as you can.
What other games have you released?
For the last two years, we’ve been releasing major and small titles on the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS hardware brings forth some new possibilities for our artistic expression, and we’re thrilled to have the chance to bring all the stuff we’ve been working on to a larger audience.
About Team Ijji:
It’s a small group of talented people with a passion for bringing high quality titles to the market. We’ve already developed several titles, and we’d like to continue to make exciting indie titles!
For more information and other projects, head over to our website!

Contact: english@ijji.netQ:

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