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You should use this regex :
returnsRegex = re.compile(r'[\w\u00c0-\uFFFF-]{20,}’)

hope this will do


CSS jquery conflicts

is there a way to do this:
.mainmenu ul li{

$(“.mainmenu ul li:first-child”).addClass(“on”);

but so the js doesn’t override the css?


if all you need is to change the CSS rule on first child, you can just use :first-child.
That’s not a query selector and will not be overridden by any javascript.
jsFiddle Demo
However, if you need the CSS to apply to an element regardless of its siblings, you can wrap it in a class and add the class using javascript.
Something like:

2, asymptotic behavior of Gaussian multiplicative chaos

In probability theory, the Gaussian multiplicative chaos (GMC) is the limiting Gaussian random variable obtained as the Hausdorff–Young limit of a Gaussian free field (GFF)

More precisely, for a compact metric space X, let GFF(X) be the Gaussian function field on X, i.e. the Gaussian (i.e. Brownian motion with a random variance) continuous function fields on X. For GFF(X), we define the GMC for a probability measure μ on X, with compact support, as

where is a GFF on C given by the RHS.

See also
Gaussian free field


Category:Probability theory
Category:Asymptotic analysis
Category:Functions and mappings
Category:Ginibre–Velo–Zagrebnov As of this writing, the site is neither hosted nor operated by the state of Arizona. Such a state of affairs is not uncommon…. In the early 1990s, the Arizona Foundation for Defending Individual Rights (formerly the Arizona Civil Liberties Foundation), the Phoenix Lawyer�

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