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Light-Weight High-Performance Diagramming Tool

Handy and easy to use

Builds diagrams from a set of schema specifications

Access UML service from command line with Javascript

Source code available on github

JSchnizzle 2022 Crack Highlights:

JSchnizzle is a light-weight, high-performance, stand-alone application that enables you to generate diagrams from a set of UML specifications.

You create your diagrams using simple keywords, and JSchnizzle will tell you when it does not understand a keyword.

JSchnizzle allows you to place UML diagrams anywhere you want on your hard disk using the JFileChooser class.

There are many pre-defined schemas available with a graphical editor, which also allows you to save your own schemas and load them at any time.

You can freely select or generate schemas from a predefined set.

There is no limit on the number of schemas that you can use together.

The rendering option, used by free services to render UML diagrams, can be installed in JSchnizzle, and enables you to create diagrams from your schemas.

It is fairly easy to generate a lot of diagrams when you use JSchnizzle, because once the component is installed you can open as many instances of the tool, each one run by the same JVM.

A third-party component is used to connect to the UML service and to the JFileChooser.

The rendering option generates diagrams that can be rendered in various systems; not all of them are supported, and some may require additional plugins.

For what do you need JSchnizzle?
JSchnizzle is here to help you create diagrams for the following systems:





.NET Runtime













JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

This tool have been designed to help any programmer to create diagrams and consume/produce in a totally easy way.

You can always create your own diagram-generating code with JSchnizzle if you cannot find it in the online code repository.

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A simple tool for creating composite UML diagrams from eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) files. Using this tool you can import documents and transform them in UML diagrams using a few simple clicks. The resulting output is EXACTLY the same as what you can see on the ‘org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.parser.UML’ product validation.
You can paste your files directly on the tool, or use the “paste from file” button, to import a set of XHTML files (XHTML Export) where each XHTML file is loaded on the tool one by one.
The tool…

A simple tool for creating composite UML diagrams from eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) files. Using this tool you can import documents and transform them in UML diagrams using a few simple clicks. The resulting output is EXACTLY the same as what you can see on the ‘org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.parser.UML’ product validation.
You can paste your files directly on the tool, or use the “paste from file” button, to import a set of XHTML files (XHTML Export) where each XHTML file is loaded on the tool one by one.
The tool shows the file contents…

This extension implements the ‘org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.parser.UML’ tool validation process that is based on EMF 2.0.
In the generation process, the tool uses your own content model (see Eclipse Core Content Model). This allows you to configure and validate the content of the ‘UML’ element that you can specify in the settings of the tool.
Additional features:
– the Eclipse MimeTypeConverter XMIResolver component allows you to import XMI…

XWiki is a Java-based Wiki open source project from the OpenWiki Foundation. It is built on top of the Apache MediaWiki open source software and offers a range of highly customizable and extendable tools.

This tool is used to manage the active XWiki skins that you can use to customize your online wiki to match your company branding and design. It allows you to manage XWiki skins in one central location:
– manage the list of installed skins and add new skins
– find which skins you can use to customize your XWiki online wiki
– preview all the widgets


Schnizzle is a handy and easy-to-use Java application specially designed for the creation of diagram specifications as part of the yUML modeling tool.

Crowd Mate is free, cross-platform desktop app for online meetings and collaboration. You can use Crowd Mate for online meetings and as a project management software for teams of different sizes.
Additional features include:
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◄ Add image attachments
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◄ Propose multiple items for discussion
◄ Upload files and document from the desktop
◄ Export meeting to PDF, Word, Image, PPT and HTML
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◄ Attach and manage presentation and slide decks
◄ View Logs and VoIP history
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It is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux platform.
This version has a brand new interface,

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What’s New in the?

An easy-to-use management tool for sets of related UML diagram specifications.
Features include:
Grouping specs and diagrams together.
Importing and exporting XML spec files.
Drag-and-drop diagram elements on the screen.
Ability to create custom list views for spec set data.
Support for rendering your diagram on the online yUML rendering service.
Ability to create a set of diagrams from an original UML Specification.
JSchnizzle Features:
This product is designed to be both a desktop application and a browser-based application.
The core product uses the Java Swing framework, while the online rendering uses the yUML service.
The yUML service:
1. Allows you to create a set of documents from a single UML Specification.
2. Allows you to freely manipulate the UML diagrams, and specify various styles, and set diagrams to enable “click to render” functionality.
3. Is free for use.
4. Also includes the ability to control the gradient generated from diagrams.
The GUI:
1. Includes complete support for drag-and-drop functionality.
2. Allows you to view your list of diagrams in various different list views.
3. Supports links to all the other diagrams in the set.
4. Can be installed locally on your desktop or in the browser for use with the online yUML service.
5. Is a very compact desktop application, running in the JVM.
6. Supports high-resolution photos.
The online yUML service:

yUML is a free, easy-to-use online tool for creating and rendering UML diagrams.
With yUML, you can easily create UML diagrams by simply dragging the required elements from the yUML palette to the canvas, or by starting with a URL to a previously prepared document.
You can also use the rich and powerful yUML feature-set to generate a diagram specification based on a textual document. You can paste in a document or import a document into yUML as a “specification”. yUML will first convert the document into a set of UML diagrams, and then generate a formal specification.
The yUML specification format is very flexible, which means that you can use yUML to create a specification for example in your company’s standard UML notation, or in Schematron.
yUML Features:
– High resolution graphics
– Ability

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 1 GHz Pentium III or above
Memory: 256 MB of RAM
Graphics: VGA monitor
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 10 MB free space
Additional Notes:
DirectX 9.0
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Support the Project:
File and Search Bar:
Main Menu:
Reticle Display:
Additional controls:
Setting Menu


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