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Internet Download Manager(IDM) 6.11 Build 8 Final Fixed-REA Serial Key Keygen __FULL__ ❎


Internet Download Manager(IDM) 6.11 Build 8 Final Fixed-REA Serial Key Keygen

I have created a table in my database with a template that was sent to me by a previous contact on a website. The code provided for adding columns was a bit. I have changed the code and added the fields to the template I want to use to the table. Now.

The question is how can I now retrieve the actual values of the fields that were added to the table? I had thought that it might be a column that was added for number fields or date fields, but the column name is unique, so that doesn’t seem to be the problem.


The table fields are named by PHP_INI_NAMED. Column names are listed in the php.ini file which is located at c:\xampp\php\php.ini. You can see the names there.
You can define the table in code and retrieve the values. e.g.
function newRecord($arrFields)
$db = Database::connect();


foreach($arrFields as $arrField)
$db->field_name = $arrField[‘field_name’];
Database::insertRecord(‘newTableName’, $arrFields);

return true;

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