HD Online Player (Cinderella Man Korean Drama 720p Hdt) ##VERIFIED## 🚀

HD Online Player (Cinderella Man Korean Drama 720p Hdt) ##VERIFIED## 🚀


HD Online Player (Cinderella Man Korean Drama 720p Hdt)


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cuando vi el episodio que estás viendo es del episodio 7
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MySQL join condition not working

I have been trying to figure out for a while why this is not returning the correct records, any help will be appreciated:
select `user`.`user_name`, `feedback_message_log`.`message`, `feedback_message_log`.`received_on` as `received`
from `user`, `feedback_message_log`
where `user`.`user_id` = 1 and (`user`.`user_name` = 1) and (`message_id` = 1)
and (`message_id` = ‘1’)
and (`received_on`!= ‘NULL’)
order by `received` desc;

I don’t think the join condition is actually reading the user_name, user_id or message_id as they exist in the table.
How do I alter the query to add these conditions in?


The “problem” is here

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