GameJack 64 Bit !LINK! 🖖

GameJack 64 Bit !LINK! 🖖

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GameJack 64 Bit

At the right-click on this page, you should find the download links for GameJack 64 bit. If you see a link like this one: Game.exe, this means that it is the version for Windows XP. If you find a link like this one: Game.exe. win32/GameJack, you are in the right place.

Other versions have appeared, including GameJack6.exe. The developer (S.A.D.) is also providing a Win32 version of GameTuner. And GameTuner.exe. You can download GameTuner.exe at

ok here goes, this is my first post on this forum. I have GBUCK installed on a psp and have a machine that i can run software on that has a m3 slave connected to it. my question is, is it possible to use GameJack with one or both of these machines in some way so that I can get gamejack working. I have tried but i keep getting the “unsupported/crappy” error. If this can’t be done, I will have to use my DS instead, which is not a bad thing. If it can be done, and maybe the error can be rectified. I really would like to use game jack on my GBA games as it is what i use for the most popular games. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

it’s funny. I used to have GameTuner installed, so I can use that instead of GameJack. But then I installed GameJack, thinking that I’d use it in the future. Very fortunate for me, it turned out to be a very useful program and I can now use it as a tool for emulating all the old 32x type games, as well as GameBoy Advanced.

I am using ZSNES (free version on my Windows PC) and SAVGCN (free version on my Apple Mac) game card emulation software to emulate various emulators and 32x games. GameTuner is my main emulator and GameJack is my main 32x emulation software. If you want to try it out, I can give you the links to the programs and the tutorials to make it easy.


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