Game Shark Ps2 V6 Iso717 ((HOT))

Game Shark Ps2 V6 Iso717 ((HOT))


Game Shark Ps2 V6 Iso717

welcome to the game shark ps2 ps2 emulator. for this version we have implemented the following features:

  • play ps2 games on your computer
  • play ps2 games via usb connection
  • play ps2 game files on your computer
  • generate boot.ini from a.yxd file
  • support for all known ps2 models
  • support for the menu key
  • option to disable the menu key
  • support for game backups
  • detailed information about the current status and a progress bar
  • tune the system clock (optional)

the game shark v6 is a clone of the original game shark for the gameboy classic. it has a 6502 cpu (b), a 16 kb ram, 4 kb of which are used for the dma. the dma can load/save/read/write to two sound banks, up to two sprite banks (8×8), one (2×4) or two (4×8) palettes, one (2×2) or two (4×4) text banks, one (2×2) or two (4×4) sprite and one (2×2) or two (4×4) palette tables for sprites and/or backgrounds, a two-way dma. on the pal model the dma can transfer 64 kb of data into ram (d), which can be optionally used as an i/o port, two (2×16) addressable memories, one (2×16) or two (4×16) registers and a set of four (2×8) ppu registers. most of these registers work like the game shark for the gameboy. the game shark v6 can also emulate a game boy color. the game shark v6 also has a built-in accelerometer. this allows the player to tilt the game shark for changing direction while running, or for jumping, rolling, etc. the game shark v6 can also emulate most game boy games. however, these games do not have sound. if a game boy game does have sound, you can choose between using the built-in sound chip (b) or the game shark v6 sound chip (s). the game shark v6 supports the game shark v6 joystick and game shark v6 gamepad (either the original or the palm one).

  • the game is available as an exe.
  • you need to have a bison for making the grammar file.