G1000 PC Trainer For Cessna NAV III, Ver 12.0

G1000 PC Trainer For Cessna NAV III, Ver 12.0

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G1000 PC Trainer For Cessna NAV III, Ver 12.0

dgca found serious violations at many of the facilities. the schools are required to install state of the art navigation aids, a digital compass, a global position satellite (gps) receiver, and air speed indicator. in addition, dgca has ordered the schools to use two-way radios, a repaired radio altimeter, and propeller guards. dgca has also ordered the schools to install an atc system with an upgradeable voice communication system.

the dgca has ordered the ftos in baramati and fursatganj to pay a fine of rs 60,000 and rs 100,000 respectively. each of these ftos has been disqualified from conducting flight training activities for two years. each school is also barred from operating any other flight training facility for two years.

faa approval for the cessna skyhawk g1000 glass cockpit is based on the requirements of part 23 of the federal aviation regulations (far). the g1000 avionics is an air-to-ground, hands-off flight management system, which is designed specifically to meet the aviation industry’s need for increased pilot workload reduction. the g1000 is a digital approach to piloting the aircraft with minimal and continuous attention from the pilot. the system replaces many of the switches, knobs and levers in the flight deck with intuitive controls that eliminate unnecessary workload. the g1000 helps relieve the pilot by automatically manipulating the settings to meet the pilot’s training goals. additionally, the g1000 is a high-sensitivity system that provides state-of-the-art, dual-axis attitude and airspeed sensors that are much more reliable than previous systems, which improves overall safety and enhances the pilot’s situational awareness.

the aircraft’s advanced sensors and in-cockpit displays, coupled with the g1000’s intuitive controls, give the student pilot more time to focus on maneuvering the aircraft, as well as on the training scenarios. this means that the pilot has a greater opportunity to learn new skills that can be applied immediately to the next flight.
formerly also called the “g6” or “g6c” (which stands for “government 6” and “cessna” respectively). the cessna t-6 is a single-engine trainer aircraft produced by cessna since 1958. the cessna t-6 is also known as the “trooper”. the cessna t-6d is a two-seat model, and the t-6e is a three-seat model. in the united states, the cessna t-6 is also known as the “cornell aviation instructor-seated trainer” (caist). in australia, the cessna t-6 is also known as the “cessna general aviation trainer”. the cessna t-6 is a derivative of the piper pa-28 cherokee.
the cessna t-6 was the first trainer aircraft to have a single-piece bubble canopy and was the first aeronautical trainer to use a sliding front seat. the cessna t-6 was initially designed as a trainer aircraft for the u.s. navy and it was also used for pilot training in the united kingdom’s royal air force (raf) and the royal canadian air force (rcaf). it is the smallest and lightest single-engine trainer aircraft in production today.
the cessna t-6c is a four-place, single-engine, fixed-gear, low-wing monoplane with tricycle landing gear. it is powered by a single continental o-200 piston engine, rated at 150 hp (110 kw). the aircraft was produced for the u.s. navy, the u. air force and the united states marine corps, where it is known as the “t-6 texan”. in the early 1970s the cessna t-6a was introduced, equipped with the continental o-200-a engine.


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