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Easy to use facebook dating software. This application can find multiple female friends and close friends that you are interested in. You can get information about their age, occupation, education and other stuff. Users can also send messages, messages, send flowers and video clips. All these simple actions are more convenient.At this moment our team is working on an iOS push notification backend. Push notifications are a big deal for our users and we want to be able to deliver them on our Android app as well. The backend is not very far from being ready, but we’re not quite ready to roll it out just yet. We will communicate when we will release the new backend, and when it’s usable to be integrated into our Android app.

In the meantime, we’ve reached an agreement with the Xamarin team regarding how we can submit Android push notifications when the new backend is ready.

Our aim is to have the Android app send notifications to Xamarin’s SystemUI with messages that are sent to the Google Cloud Messaging platform. A message can be sent from our iOS app to the Xamarin backend service and the iOS app will receive responses from the Google Cloud Messaging endpoint that can be validated before being sent to Android.

This approach will enable us to immediately deliver push notifications to our users and do so on a platform that has a strong relationship with Google.

Show HN: John’s map of IBM over its own history – steven

There is one thing I’d like to see: who owns the patents that were acquired by
IBM? Apple for example. What if Apple has an option to buy all of IBM’s patent
portfolio for a nominal fee?

I don’t think Apple would ever agree to sell its portfolio, there are too
many unique ones for that.

Very cool. Are you including privately held patents as well?

No, only public ones. It would be an interesting exercise to do so, but I
didn’t want to add significant work and complexity to the project.

There is also more information that I would like to have, such as the licenses
that the patents are licensed under. For example, if we look at the column for
the AT&T patents,

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Welcome to the free version of Facebook Screen Saver.
The application is more a screen saver that you can use on your computer desktop in order to watch your friends’ profile and the friends of the friends or a random profile picture.
The good news is that you can easily enter your friends list and scan it in order to know who your real friends are.
The application also shows you if there is someone who has unfriended you or if someone has erased you from his friends list.
Finally, it is capable of showing you your friend’s profile picture and its friends’ profile picture.
It works like this: you open the application, select the list you want to use and in the next screen you will find all the friends of your friends. You can also specify the number of friends to show and you can click on the arrow next to a friend’s profile picture in order to view the profile itself.
Free Facebook Screen Saver has already been downloaded more than 250,000 times and it is available for free download on our website.
Facebook Screen Saver is an simple and free application that will remind you of your friends, your favorite photos and, if you like, of someone’s smile. For all these reasons it is suitable for both casual use and hardcore gamers.
Facebook Screen Saver Description:

The free version of Secret Santa is a great gift to give to your friends this holiday season! This is a fun app that allows your friends to help you pick a gift for someone in their holiday event… feel free to share this app!
Secret Santa is a small android app for xmas gift giving, the goal is for your friends to pick some gifts for you and you in turn pick a gift for them. You can create your secret Santa list by tapping on the Event tab from the home screen and selecting Holiday Cards, a simple interface that allows you to add gifts to your friends list and it also allows you to view your gift list and your friends list, some fun facts about your friends and some tips to make it an easy and enjoyable experience.
The app itself was created with only the best intentions, to make it simple and easy to use. It keeps you and your friends updated with a beautiful social flow of news, pictures and videos. It’s pretty small (only 7MB) and very lightweight as well.
Some of the changes you will see in this version are:
– Improved icons and looks
– Images from famous photographers

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What’s New In?

-Free Unfriend Finder is designed to work on your facebook account
-Unique list of friends allows you to check who has changed his/her list of friends
-Delete all or selected friend from the list with one mouse click
-List of friends can be refreshed from your facebook desktop client, using “Find Friends” option
-Optional: Indicate if the user is not friends with you, but the two of you are already aquaintances on facebook
-Optional: Show only the list of your facebook friends, or only the list of the users who have removed you from their lists of friends
-Optional: Display the list in color – white/grey or the color of your profile picture
-Optional: Display the list in a window
-Optional: Use a single desktop shortcut or run the program directly when its launchedSuppression of G(2)-M checkpoint by PD-L2 expressed in a cancer cell.
Programmed death-ligand 2 (PD-L2), a new member of PD-1 ligand family, was found to be expressed on a variety of cancer cells. However, its mechanism of function in tumor evasion remains to be further clarified. The present study shows that PD-L2 expressed on a human gastric cancer cell line MKN45 can also suppress cell cycle and induce a G(2)-M checkpoint. The checkpoint in PD-L2-expressing cells was blocked by anti-PD-L2 monoclonal antibodies or PI3K inhibitors. It was also blocked by cycloheximide (CHX), a protein synthesis inhibitor, indicating that it was a G(2)-M checkpoint. Western blotting showed that phospho-S10H3, a G(2)-M checkpoint protein, was induced by PD-L2 in MKN45 cells, suggesting that PD-L2 negatively regulates p-S10H3 protein to induce the G(2)-M checkpoint. The expression of PD-L2 was correlated with the expression of p-H3, a mitotic kinase. Furthermore, the PD-L2 protein was mainly expressed in the cytoplasm and the nuclear localization was confirmed by using nuclear transport inhibitor.Q:

Does the Google Play Store automatically renew your email subscription from my gmail if I don’t approve it?

I have a Google Play Store gift card I’ve been using on one of my phones. I had intended to purchase a google account for it so I could

System Requirements For Free Unfriend Finder:

Operating System: Windows 7 x64
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz or AMD Athlon XP
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Direct3D9 compatible video card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0.
Hard Disk: 32 MB available space
Additional Notes:
The game does not run on Vista due to the missing graphical driver in some specific configurations.
The last year has been very busy for the team. For

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