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I’m running an asus laptop, I’ve already tried all the solutions offered in this website. I’m using windows 10.
I’ve tried to upgrade the bios, reset the system, change the video card, install the proper drivers… nothing works!


It may be a hardware failure. You can try to clean or replace the RAM memory chip.

Should President Trump pardon Michael Flynn?

Story TOpics

It took a long time for the political dust to settle after Sen. John McCain cast the deciding vote that doomed Obamacare repeal, but the GOP is not giving up, writes Columnist E.J. Dionne.

With most of the big decisions made in Washington, we’re left with the horrifying spectacle of the House and Senate working to pass a bill not in the best interest of the country but clearly in favor of their party’s agenda.

The only other time the United States had a legislative body this dysfunctional was in the Senate during the Reconstruction era, when a coalition of Democrats and Southern Know Nothings aimed to disenfranchise blacks in the South and replace them with whites. The GOP’s efforts to achieve the same thing today is much more ambitious, but it shares the same basic ideological bent.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been pushing a hard right, trickle-down agenda for years, and for better or worse, the party has been empowered by a president who is a political outsider and who has made clear that he is interested in serving only one term before seeking higher office.

During his campaign, President Trump made a promise to ditch the agenda that failed under President Obama. He made it clear that he wanted to stop the partisan bickering and cut to the chase. His agenda was to do more for the forgotten man and woman, the ones who have been left behind by an economy that is rigged to benefit the rich.

It is clear that his plans don’t include any tax cuts for the wealthy.

The voters elected him, and they elected him to use the bully pulpit to force Congress to set aside the agenda and to come up with its own ideas. The president and his party are in charge of that process, and they are bent on doing a little bit of whatever they want to accomplish.

On his first day in office, President Trump issued an executive order to stop transgender servicemembers from joining the military, overturning a

I am trying to make a simple console application that needs to connect to a serial port and I am using the following code:

void main()
char ans;

//printf(“Serial Number :”);
//scanf(“%s”, number);

ans = getch();
if (ans == ‘1’)
printf(“Serial Number: %s
“, number);

printf(“Wrong Serial Number!”);


I tried with both the scanf and getch statement but it always prints the wrong serial number.


‘1’ is not a valid character for a character string, and the character getch returns is always “1”.
You should use ‘A’ to get a character from the ASCII table:
ans = getch();
if (ans == ‘A’)
printf(“Serial Number: %s
“, number);

Some more general remarks on your code:

It is a bad practice to use scanf to get strings, use fgets instead.
Use a while loop to wait for the user input, and store the input in a char array of size 100 chars, and check for -1 to indicate an error. The standard getch function is not reliable in detecting whether the user entered something or not.
You should add a new line as separator between each printed line to prevent the screen from getting cluttered.
main should return int.


Use ‘A’ instead of ‘1’
ans = getch();
printf(“Serial Number: %s
“, number);


How to get the first name and surname from a single column in an access database?

I have a single





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