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Simple and lightweight

The app can work on every startup

The app can run in the background

The app can execute the main function even while not at the keyboard

Allows the user to manually add shortcut for the app and run it at Windows startup

The app comes with options to disable Nvidia telemetry services and block them from gathering data about your usage

The app is extremely lightweight

The app can run at Windows startup

The app can execute the main function even while not at the keyboard

Is it safe to run this tool at Windows startup?

It is highly recommended to have this tool working on your system

is it suitable for beginners?

Not suitable for beginners

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Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable Full Version

Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable is a lightweight tool designed to prevent the telemetry services associated with Nvidia and in the process, protect your privacy.

Allows you to disable Nvidia telemetry

Generally speaking, telemetry refers to a method of spying on users by collecting data and sending it a third party source, which in this case is Nvidia. At its source, the practice is not entirely bad, considering that it enables companies to detect broader issues and tackle them right away.

Unfortunately, similarly to other corporations who employ the practice, Nvidia does not disclose the type of information that they are collecting. In addition, there is no information available about how the data is stored and who can access it.

In the light of these facts, it is natural that users are concerned about privacy. Luckily, the tiny app can block the telemetry services that Nvidia included in its driver updates without any previous notification.

You can set it to work every day or at Windows startup

The program comes with a minimalistic, yet user-friendly interface that includes three main tabs, namely Telemetry, Event Log and Settings. While in the first tab you can use the main function of the tool, you can check out possible events that occurred when you are away from the keyboard in the long.

In the settings tab, you have the possibility to configure the app to run in the background and disable Nvidia telemetry tasks and services on every startup or every day. You can also just run the utility solely when updating the drivers if you find it more convenient.

A reliable tool for safeguarding your privacy

All things considered, Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable is a lightweight application that you can run everything you are updating the Nvidia drivers on your system and completely block Nvidia telemetry services from gathering information that you may not want to reveal

Find out more by visiting

That takes all the information off the top of my head.
I just recently got frustrated with how Nvidia was treating me after their drivers and my native Intel GPU were not playing nice.

If you install the latest version of Nvidia drivers, it will have a service that runs and sends your desktop information to a third party company named Wave Computing. I told them to go to hell and they blocked the service on my computer. That was the first move in a long journey to learn how to protect my privacy, and it can protect yours

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Shutting off the Nvidia telemetry service and data collection is really important these days. It is important to protect your privacy. The user agent on this site allows you to disable this and other features, as well as see your computer usage before you update your system.

How to control your privacy settings – Remove default useragent

System information

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What’s New in the Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable?

Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable is a lightweight utility designed to prevent the telemetry services associated with Nvidia and hence, protect your privacy.


OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

How to install:

Download the file below and extract the contents to a folder of your choice

Move Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable to your System32 or System32 folder

Run the program

When you launch Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable, you are welcomed to the main screen. It includes a few user-friendly boxes that you may want to check like if you want to work in the background when updating drivers, so that it does not stop working.
There is also an advanced function that allows you to block the Nvidia telemetry services that are run upon every startup.
Click on the user-friendly black box in the center to continue. It is then that you enter the three main tabs. The first tab includes a list of event sources, while the second includes a list of telemetry services that you can check if they were enabled or not. The last tab contains settings.
The first function includes a custom configurable notification that will inform you if any of the events listed in the first tab were recorded, and if you like, you can view these records on your computer. This is a thing that should appeal to most users.
The second function, which is located under the Advanced Options tab, reveals the purpose of the app. It has been specifically designed to block Nvidia telemetry services that are disabled upon startup.

This is a very useful tool if you want to keep as much as possible of your private information hidden.

Satisfied? Just Download Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable

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We were thrilled when our friend, Jack Jones, forwarded us a copy of the CD he had recorded of this beloved tale. The songs capture the melodic interest of the story with precise detail and rich, sublime tones that are sure to delight any listener with a penchant for folk music.

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System Requirements:

Recommended: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.8Ghz) or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 (shader version 1.20)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: at least 1.5 GB available space
Additional Notes:
One of the additional fixes to the game has reduced its loading times.
The vehicle lists have been fixed so they won’t disappear randomly when
you close the game.


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