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Emsa Web Monitor is really easy to use. It is simply an executable file. You can install it with one click.
It shows also other information like your internet connection status, and the last time of the pings.
Emsa Web Monitor is a very small Web monitoring program, an utility that runs on your desktop allowing you to monitor uptime status of several websites The program works by periodically pinging the remote sites, and showing the ping time as well as a small graph that allows the user to quick view recent monitoring history.
There is a simple interface. You just need to select the sites you want to monitor and also click on “run” button. The icon then adds to taskbar (Windows 7) or systray (Windows 10).
The application can support most of the sites. It will monitor sites that return the ping time like,, and other. The sites on which you enter don’t have to be included in monitor list.
If an internet connection is not available, the icon shows red dots and a number of them will be filled by some kind of information. Red dots have “down” sign.
I like the fact that you can set the ping interval. The default value is 1 minute. You can choose other values (5, 15, 30, 60, 120 and 240 seconds).
If you want to choose a range of sites to monitor, click on the button, and browse them through the search panel. For example, if you want to monitor sites that don’t return the ping time you can enter the address like this:,, and so on.
The last panel shows the history of pings that were executed. You can always set the interval to show the panel.
If you want to see all of this in a nice graphical mode, the program offers a full interface. There is the chance to choose the sites you want to monitor in a list, and there is an option to set an interval for the pings.
Well, there are only few ways to monitor the time of a site and none of them is perfect. Emsa Web Monitor is a tiny, but good program and I recommend using it. I think it might save you a lot of time when it comes to monitoring the sites you use often.
Key Features:
* Monitoring the websites such as
* Det

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Save your favorite web pages in a list, and view them on any smartphone, tablet or desktop devices.
Open a webpage directly in the Emmet Re:view extension.
Change the time and date for each device.
Switch between the devices at any time you want.
Select the device you want to see the webpage on.
Open another web page in another tab using the original device.
Open the corresponding URL in the same tab using the last device.
You can adjust the device’s settings to suit your needs and connect your Google account to the extension.
Additional Settings:
Change the extension’s name and description to describe the function of the extension better.
Browse all entries in the Extensions list.
Hide/Show the icon of the extension.
Activate or deactivate the extension.
Download Link:

Modern version of Easyshare Plus for Windows and Mac, is a useful utility that enables you to quickly create and share all types of multimedia content. Some of the features it supports include dividing multimedia content in standard MP4 format, resizing video in your desired size, cropping and cutting frame, creating thumbnails from the source files and many more. If you’re looking to share a file with a friend, this useful and intuitive software can easily help you do just that.
The application can be downloaded and installed from the website associated with it. You can enter the instructions from the official website to complete the installation process within seconds, without facing any errors. It is intuitively designed and covers a lot of useful features.
It is also possible to drag and drop files and multimedia content on the project window. The configuration is also saved on the following locations: system registry, configuration file, cookies, browsing history, temporary internet files and metatags.
You can choose between multiple skin styles and quickly configure the toolbar. In addition, you also have an option to choose the window’s size and add more elements on the project. You can also enable the auto-updating feature which enables the application to automatically find and update the latest patches. Please make sure that the appropriate version of the current program is installed on your computer, as the app might run slower than expected.
Work with images and videos
As for the application’s functionality, it can be divided into several sections

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The original ngrep was written by Mihai Nita, who gave up maintaining ngrep in order to allow Andrew Lord to develop the current version. The developers of have acknowledged ngrep’s importance as a free unencrypted probe (and optionally a secure encrypted probe) to troubleshoot network problems by dumping out their entire network layer’s payloads, with one key tweak: it is safe to use nmap against yourself, to run the command: `nmap -sS -O –no-checks -F -V -p- –pre-severity=10`, however, such usage is not recommended for non-test networks.
This tool and application works by calling the Sflow Network Monitor.
KloxoMD5 is a simple and reliable tool that you can use to check the MD5 cryptographic hash of a file, and compare to pre-selected hashes to check if any of them is different.
KloxoMD5 features a searchable database of public md5 hash values that can be compared with the hash values of files.
■ IE 6.0 or higher
■ Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista
How to use KloxoMD5:
Enter the hashes you want to compare into KloxoMD5. Click on ‘Choose File’ to add the file that you want to check. Then click on ‘Check’ to compare the file hashes. The MD5 hash is displayed under the ‘Hash’ label.
If the hash matches one or more entries in the database, a small triangle is displayed next to the name of the entry. Clicking on the triangle will perform a check on the file again and update the database, if any of the md5s has changed.
Splinter is a small Linux distribution that lets you use the Linux kernel without the GNU operating system.
Splinter has been designed and developed by Richard Foley (The Hobbit), primarily for educational purposes, and aims at teaching people how to use Linux without really limiting their freedom. It is distributed as a Live CD, that can be used without installing anything.
Splinter is a Live CD distribution aimed at educating students and teachers to Linux.
Operating System:
After booting, the environment is a pure Linux kernel 3.10 with almost all of the standard utilities installed.
A total of 10 screens of text and graphics are provided to

What’s New In?

This app gives you a bit of a more direct control over your contacts, without having to rely on a separate, separate app. On the default settings, you have the option to choose which app you want to integrate the app with and create a new item type from it (such as a contact group or an event), and then create the needed fields.
The app defaults to the Contacts.exd file, but you can choose to use any of the three options provided in the installation package. You’ll also need to have at least one field set up in the contact you wish to use this app with.
You can create a new contact type from any of these apps, and all of the default fields will be pre-set. You can choose any color for the color of the card and picture, and you can save your settings to a file on your computer, in case you’d like to save it after you’ve set this up.
If you have an iPhoto or iMovie library, you’ll be able to select these and export a card for their use, as well. This app is wonderful for those who love all things that belong in their iPad or iPhone, but just don’t want to use a separate app for it.
Lolipop is an app for macOS 10.11 El Capitan that lets you search for apps in the Mac App Store and download them for free.
Searching for apps is, as many of us know, already made easy. But what if you don’t want to search by popular categories or by prices, but instead by tags? Well, you can get the best of both worlds with Lolipop, a free app that lets you type in keywords and search for apps.
When you first launch the app, a quick search option is provided. You can search for an app by any of its keywords, by tags, by a specific category or a price. And it’s important to know that this is not your typical search by category or price; with Lolipop, you can actually sort the list by apps, by prices or by categories, and even get some suggestions for keywords.
Once you choose your criteria, the app will show you the results, including a preview. At that point, you can download one with a couple of clicks by making sure you “Install” the app. But first, we have to say that, while it’s great to get applications and utilities free of charge, we do have some concerns with regard to how the apps

System Requirements:

PCRE 8.00 PHP 5.3.0 or higher with GD extension 7.2 or higher
Known Issues:
The game requires 3D graphics acceleration for better performance (especially on Windows and MacOS X)
Most of the controls are not compatible with the gamepad, however you can bind them to keystrokes using the keyboard-shortcuts
The game is in English.
The game is fully playable in the Offline mode. However, to get the best possible experience it is recommended that you play the game online.
Major parts