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Database regarding javascript and mysql

i’m new to mysql, i have a database containing of javascript-code.
I want to read data from the db to my html to be displayed in a webpage.
I’ve done it like this(just for testing, i want to display the data in a table)

var connection = null;

function connect(){
connection = openConnection(‘localhost’);

function createConnection(connection){
var objConnection = new MySqlConnection(connection);

function openConnection(connection){
connection = new ActiveXObject(“MsSQL.OLEDB.4.0”);
return connection;

function selectName(connection){
var query = “Select * FROM jsndata”;
var records = connection.query(query);

It works, but when i include the row number in the query, it says “’10’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”
This is the output i get


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The Trumpet of Freedom. (Common and State Lyceums at Richmond, Va., Oct. 29, 1835.) I.

When the Spirit of Truth Has Come In. (A State Lyceum at Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 14, 1835.) II. The Tribute of the Past. (A Brougham Lyceum at Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 21, 1835.) III. The Tribute of the Present. (Anal Lyceum at New York, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1835.) III.

It seems proper to offer a few hints respecting the chief points of the lectures at Richmond and Nashville, with some remarks on the merits of that form of public speaking which has been called the “black-coated advocate.” At Richmond, I was fully aware that the subject would meet with no favor in a city devoted to the reception and cultivation of talent. Such a laudation of the rising-sun of America would have passed unheeded. But in truth, I am not much afraid of the censure of the town. The Cause of Liberty cannot be hurt by a few short remarks; and, indeed, the community has no objection to hear something eare the excellence of what I deem great and valuable. I am aware that men in office condemn me. But does not the action of the administration speak for itself? Has it not declared itself of opinion that I am ttufly m the wrong?

The wise and good-hearted men of Virginia will, no doubt, laugh at me at my own expense. That, however, will be no matter. No man of common sense can suppose that the frothing-at-the-mouth advocates of slavery can point with great complacency to a man like me. And whatever be may say about me, I shall not fear the censure of the citizens of Richmond, at all events. The black-coated advocate is not the object of the canvass. I am not here to teach them the doctrine of American liberty, and I should scorn to teach them anything which they can read, in the opinions and the acts of the party that are to fill their councils and control their destinies.

But the institutions of this country are


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