Apple MainStage 3 v3.4.4 macOS TNT

The application is a complementary product to the BarracudaDrive Web Server, but it can also be used as a general purpose, anonymous, tunneling client. The application is used by the user to create an encrypted secure tunnel between his or her computer and the BarracudaDrive Web Server. The client application authenticates itself to the server using a user name and password.Subsea intervention (barging)

Subsea intervention (barging) is the process of lowering a large equipment barge down to the sea bed, and thereafter using the lowered barge as a base for the installation of very long (multi-tonne) subsea connection lines.

The barges used for subsea intervention are usually 50 to 200 metres in length and they contain accommodation, electrical and hydraulic power supply, and a crane for moving equipment onto the base. The barges are kept afloat on the sea bed by anchor lines tied to the sea bed and after the bottom of the barge is lowered onto the sea bed, the anchor lines are winched out or “rolled back” to prevent the barge from drifting and leaving the site.

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Save and load JSON files
Edit JSON scripts
Save scripts to a file
Parse files using options
Analyze the nodes in a project
Edit strings and identifiers
Parses the source code and validates syntax
View statistics of a node
Display node contents in a tree
Display information of node
Export projects to HTML, XML, RTF or other formats
An efficient application



I also had this problem. I had created a bunch of JSON data in a folder, using the ‘Save’ function in Visual Studio.
I didn’t realize that I needed to do the same thing in a new solution using a new JSON file, so I imported them using the ‘Import/Export’ function.
It was having a bunch of trouble parsing my existing JSON data. I think this is because the new JSON file I created had a lot of double quotes and JSON was not parsing those out.
I think this is because the new JSON file I created was open in visual studio.
When I opened up JSONEdit and tried to open the JSON file, it would tell me “Could not load the JSON file”.
I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t load the file. However, when I opened the file and saved it as a plain text file, the file loaded correctly and JSON Edit was able to parse it without any problems.
At least now I’m able to look at my JSON data in Visual Studio without any problems! 🙂


React redux action dispatch to nested container is not firing

I am having a issue with fetching data from mongoDB in react app. Here is my reducer:

function locationReducer(state = {}, action) {
switch (action.type) {
return {…state, data: };

return {…state, data:, error: null };

return {…state,