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1. Choose Photoshop CS6 from the Start screen.
2. If you’re not already logged into your account, select **Sign In** to the right of the My Adobe section in the upper-right corner of the Photoshop window, or from the menu bar, choose **File** ⇒ **Sign In**.
3. Select **** from the left side of the window.

If the Photoshop window is already open, it will be visible on the screen.

4. Double-click on **Photoshop CS6** from the list of Applications, or select Photoshop from the Applications drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

The Photoshop window opens.

5. Select **File** from the menu bar and choose **New** from the menu.
6. If you are creating a new layer for the first time, you will see a **New Layer** dialog box open. You will learn how to work with the layers later in this chapter.

7. Click **OK**.

The **New Layer** dialog box closes.

8. Click the white arrow in the upper-right corner of the Photoshop window.

9. The main **Photoshop** workspace opens.

The image can be located by clicking the image in the name of the file.

10. Click the **Frame** tool and hover the cursor near the horizontal guide located in the upper-left corner.

The yellow dot indicator appears.

Each new layer is given a unique color.

11. Click and drag the dot to the corner of the screen to move the frame.
12. Click the white dot above the word **Layer**.

13. A small square box appears around the image.

14. Click and drag the box all the way to the right-hand side of the screen until you see the color of the existing frame border around the image.

15. The border has moved to the side and the box now represents the frame to be created. Click to create the frame.

A square frame appears around the image.

16. Repeat this step to create three more frames.
17. Adjust the left-hand edge of the first frame so that it is perfectly aligned with the right-hand side of the image.
18. Shift-click ( _Ctrl_ -click) to select the last frame and

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Although the difference in price between the two versions of Photoshop may be a motivation to choose Photoshop Elements as your go-to photo editor, the truth is that it is significantly more popular and, therefore, it is highly likely that you will make the best use of the features that Photoshop Elements offers than Photoshop.

From the moment you open Photoshop Elements for the first time, you will notice that there are some things that are not the same in Photoshop Elements as the traditional version.

You will notice some different things when you first open Photoshop Elements.

First of all, there are some important toolbars. One of them is the Editing tool that comes next to the Selection tool in the lower right-hand corner. This tool can be used for many things, including:













Convert to grayscale

Ensure equalize


Oil Paint



Adjust Lighting

Camera Raw

You can open new files in a compressed form, which enables you to save larger pictures without a lot of extra space, but you must save the image in a JPEG format.

Important note

Though saving images as JPEGs is much smaller than opening them in their native resolution, you cannot edit them like you can edit JPEGs from the web. In order to edit an image, you must open it as a new file before you can edit it.

More on Photoshop Elements in this tutorial.

In the Touch panel that comes on the top, you have the option to crop your images, adjust the brightness and other settings.

While there are two main views for work, you can also have the ability to display only the tools in the Image Viewer, creating a work area that uses space efficiently.

In the Elements panel, you can choose a template, colors and other options.

In the Gallery, you can organize the images you take, as well as shoot or import your own. This panel can be moved and closed, but there is also a panel for information that appears when you open an image, which can be closed.

In this section, you can choose how to set your preferences, what tutorials to follow

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The Freehand Tool

The Freehand tool is a thick, 2D pen that allows you to draw freely, like in traditional art. Your drawing is added directly to the current layer and is locked to that layer.

To access the Freehand tool, select Freehand from the Tools icon in the Toolbox, or press Alt

What’s New in the?

Roundtable: The Future of Web-Based Businesses

Productivity is our everyday challenge. For business owners, that includes not only getting more work done, but having the flexibility to meet the needs of the business. Increasingly, we all want to work wherever we want to work, whenever we want to work, and however we want to work.

This is why many web-based entrepreneurs are experimenting with ways of developing businesses based solely in the web. But, regardless of your business focus, the truth is that the fundamentals of a successful business are essentially the same as they were in the old days. They are simply more complicated because you’re working in the web instead of in a brick-and-mortar space, and because you’re developing for multiple audiences.

In this session you’ll hear from a panel of experts representing various backgrounds in web-based entrepreneurship, and be given information on how you can develop a more successful web presence. The panelists will address the following topics:

How to market your web business in a competitive market

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How to differentiate yourself from the competition on the web

How to leverage existing web resources to ensure that you reach the broadest audience and maximize your ROI

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System Requirements:

Windows 7 64bit or later
DirectX 9 Compatible graphics card (videocard)
At least 2 GB of RAM for graphics mode, 4GB of RAM for DX11 mode
At least 1 GB of GPU RAM (Graphics processing unit memory)
8 GB of hard disk space
Please note: this is a very CPU intensive title, and if you have a lower spec’d machine, you may want to consider running this game in a windowed mode.
Gameplay VideoIn the last decade or so, the technology of the printed

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